Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video: "Under Cover Of Darkness" by The Strokes

In that distant 2001 an indie band called The Strokes took by surprise the world of rock. His letter was 'Is This It' and the first single 'Last Nite' is felt the influence of seventies New York scene as The Ramones, Television and Velvet Underground. Their first album was so popular among the public that the critics named "The salvation of rock & roll 'because in the new millennium seemed to be dead genre, the music was ahead plastic.

In 2003 they released a new album, 'The Room On Fire', whose lead single 'Reptilia', is still one of the most popular band. In late 2005 appears her third album 'The First Impressions Of Earth', also excellent, which cataloged music magazines as one of the best albums of the year. Time passed and the Strokes were not using anything new, so the rock world was beginning to worry.

Announced that they would be separated temporarily while its members were involved in side projects, among these, the most prominent was the launching of gorgeous solo singer, Julian Casablancas. In 2010 it was rumored that they were preparing a new album at the beginning of that year denied it, but half of it confirmed that it was preparing a new material, which would go on sale in 2011.

In March 2011 the wait is over, went on sale 'Angles'. With this album, definitely left behind its' rebellious twentysomething. " Now a more mature group takes the impressive material that the fans been waiting for, and are around thirty-something, which forced them to realize the band that are important for the industry.

The Strokes: Julian Casablancas, Voice. Nick Valensi, guitar. Albert Hammond Jr, Guitar. Nikolai Fraiture, bass. Fabrizio Moretti, drums. Here the material wonderful album of this band, an icon of a decade:

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