Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rammstein - Mutter (2001): hearts on fire in the sky

Rammstein are a group that is very easy to stay on the surface, for better or for worse. Focus only on what appear to allow whoever wants to crucify them or turn them into musical gods do not get too complicated. But just scratch a little the first layer to see the German sextet pioneer of Neue Deutsche Härte is much more than sensationalism and provocation live audiovisual materials.

On 2 April the tenth anniversary of the launch of Mutter, according to a server and its artistic summit from which we have given almost as much sand and lime. Although it came with two months delay to the conclusion, I think worth taking a look at this stunning album, though rather battered.

The third disc of the Teutons came in the aftermath of his rise to fame thanks to Sehnsucht, with which all barriers broke imaginable to make 'Du Hast' a metalhead club anthem and German. That was the first album Mutter posdescubrimiento for many fans and critics undoubtedly conditioned the warm reception he got at the time.

Rammstein - Sonne (YouTube) With their second album, Rammstein have not only put themselves in orbit triumph, but also a long trail of compatriots who were literally at their lessons, which were nothing more than an update industrial treaty on Germany created during the nineties never properly weighted by Oomph.

With so many eyes on them and feel the responsibility of the leaders of a movement emerging Berliners decided to take the grinder to smooth the rough edges of their sound and make it more digestible. In essence, we see nothing in this record is not already in its two predecessors, but the edges and uncertainties that dotted those jobs disappear here.

Mutter is definitely a more mature record, where the German band is more complete and competent. You can blame him in the process of debugging sound lost some of the details that, precisely because it is so extreme, were so good at Sehnsucht, but through it all is an acceptable loss, because it is associated with much more compact results.

Rammstein - Links 2 3 4 (YouTube) As a result of the above, we have an album that sounds exactly like it should sound during his 45-minute, thanks in part to production, this time, truly professional. You start betting on the epic burning hearts 'Mein Herz Brennt', and then goes on to the irony of military air to respond 'Links 2-3-4' who accused the group to defend the Nazi ideology.

'Sonne', too full of numbers in your letter, closes a trilogy of exceptional boot. The insistent "Ich Will" and the incendiary 'FEUE Frei! ", As cane them, we do not prepare well for the dramatic change that is' Mutter'. His concept, which also serves as a reference for the cover art and booklet of the album, takes us into a dark lullaby for children born with disturbing oedipal problems.

With this cutting exercise of Ecuador, it gives way to a second half darker disc, where interestingly it is love that holds the reins of the letters. Yes, it does a very particular way: in 'Spieluhr' as a memory that returns to us as music box sounds spite of years buried, and 'Nebel' as a farewell in the fog that only may give way to nothing.

In contrast, "Zwitter" and "Rein Raus" focus on the most purely physical and sexual, with possibly the two worst parts of the complex. But the palm of this section takes her final 'Goodbye', a simple but powerful song, a killer. A slap in the face of rock where the drug becomes violins cut open their veins and soul of who she is bound.

Not the most recognizable theme Rammstein, not even among the most famous Mutter, but for me is the linchpin of this LP. And see what is hidden. Rammstein - Adios (YouTube) The taste of awakening has been in controversy since its inception Rammstein in their lyrics, videos, promotional materials and particularly in his staging.

However you can always go further, Mutter and the band decided to throw himself to the purely morbid shape in its front page photo of a dead child taken by Daniel and Geo Fuchs. It may seem horrible or great, but I doubt that leaves you indifferent.

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