Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance music XCVII

Watch the video at the original site. True to our appointment on Friday, as always, here we are one week from Noctamina to bring you all today, and what is not present, electronic music and dance. Today we start putting into question once again the most media dj star of all time, David Guetta, he recently did a remix for Snoop Dogg and his failed Wet.

I say failed because the latest single from the rapper has not begun to operate, or on radio or sales until Guetta has given doses of electro ... bases does not mean that Guetta has made no masterpiece and has been squeezed mucho the brain: do not sound a lot like this one? Watch the video at the original site.

Watch the video at the original site. On the other hand, if not long ago we presented you already the last of Swedish House Mafia for this summer, Save The World, now what we bring is the video, which Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello clear to us that those in charge of saving shall be no superheroes or other supernatural beings: they will be our best friends, dogs.

Watch the video at the original site. Another repeating this week in the pages of Noctamina is Moby, who has had the detail to give us this beautiful orchestral and instrumental version of their latest single so far, The Day, before touring around the world. We as always, eternally grateful.

Watch the video at the original site. Katy also has a new single B, Easy Please Me, but we already know from here but from the first time we have been supporting Noctamina by an artist seem as fresh and original in the British mainstream scene trite, no we wish to include it here not to lend our support again.

Watch the video at the original site. Perhaps the most innovative work done by Josh Gabriel with Call Meredith for his new project, Winter Kills, which are already ready and about to release her first album. Already spent a couple of years ahead of the singles, distilling trance on all four sides but giving a different touch to his songs.

Now is the time of litmus test, to see how the public responds, from June 3 to day that we get hold of him. Matias Aguayo has also decided to launch "new" material, although the quotation marks because it is his famous I Do not Smoke, the issue that prompted his label mate and Rebolledo sprees if you have a cigarette, but this will says no smoking, which has become almost an anthem in public session and that the claim did not stop as a single, to be able to do with it.

However, requests have been heard and be part of the next ep, I Do not Smoke EP, do not know the tracklist. Although with it enough for us. Watch the video at the original site. Which does not leave very satisfied his audience with his latest release is Wally Lopez, who in Power To You has made clear that it is capable of a lime and sand with a very clear of what our national dj and producer is able to charge as demonstrated in the past.

Watch the video at the original site. Nothing to do with the remix that has been prepared for the Techno Afrojack fan of The Wombats. The British trio recently launched this item as a single, and a perfect complement to a song with that title, what better to give electronic touches to make it dance? Said and done, and the result, which we showed last Sunday in our section is a remix version that is not too far from the original topic, it retains its essence fun but gives the pace to beat us one we can all dance with him at parties this summer.

In other news, we have Carl Cox has finally released the lien on their upcoming album. Will be titled All Roads Lead To The Dancefloor and see the light of a very curious and phased through a USB memory. Rather than be sold in the usual physical format, the CD, do so in a flash drive from August, where that will give us only part of the new material.

Then, in two subsequent stages and through internet, this content will be updated to be completed as early as the third in October. A good and original way to boost sales, no doubt, because we also have access to exclusive content and information through the USB. Watch the video at the original site.

And once again, a record label is "surprised" with a new compilation of Joy Division and New Order. Total Now: From Joy Division To New Order attempt to place a disc offers only a new previously unreleased track. A good move to recruit new followers, but I doubt content to get lifetime.

As for festivals, a few notes this week. On the one hand, warn you, if you do not know yet, that times are now available for Sonar in Barcelona, so I guess you can go by to prevent the dreaded overlap in the actions of your favorite artists. As Monegros, recently had a new extension of the lineup that made him even more complete by adding the national rap Rapsusklei and dubstep with Rusko, Benga and Caspa.

And finally, warn of a festival that celebrates a second edition this year, and no matter how small deserves the same punishment if they are of good techno. I refer to Technosys Summer Festival, held in the Costa Calida, and we have now confirmed Uto Karem and Shin Nishimura ReacTable doing a session, and national BERTECH, Frederic J and Matt C, to make it high our flag.

Watch the video at the original site. This week we again have a classical dance with that theme that we heard so often, Kernkraft 400, Zombie Nation, who joins us repeatedly since 2000 and that its creator has not yet fully overcome. And we also have meeting, why not? In another similar case, the DJ Rolando, an excellent dj techno is preceded by the fame of his Knights Of The Jaguar, a classic that sometimes goes so far as to overshadow the artist behind it.

And to say goodbye, to recommend that you take a peek our posts about some of our fans, and Diego Muñoz, Nacho Oncina, Phassa ... where you can find excellent DJs who have not yet gotten the recognition they deserve. Also you can go into our Top, where you have 5 new proposals to vote. And if what you need is a good cocktail to practice what Tom Cruise over the weekend, try to Negroni I offered on Saturday.

And of course, for any questions you have about the weekend festivities, you know: our's finally Friday is what you need.

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