Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Amon Amarth - Surtur Rising: another rock to climb to the top

Now one of the few melodic death metal bands that keep me hanging on every move he is Amon Amarth. The Vikings have left since his career began back in 1992 a series of melodic death metal albums of breathtaking. Since then With Oden On Our Side (Metal Blade, 2006) that led out of the underground more miserable for the wonder that is Twilight Of The Thunder God (Metal Blade, 2008), for me in the top 5 metal albums of the decade have charted a path only dominated the pantheon of gods of Valhalla, Odin as its head.

Video | YouTube Surtur Rising (Metal Blade, 2011) is no more or less what we expected of a quintet that has not stopped for minor developments in sound that have left stagnant, are still very high and this tribute to Surtur leader of the giants of Muspelheim and more elderly in the nine worlds of Norse mythology.

The 11 tracks of his eighth studio album recorded it with Jens Bogren at Fascination Studios in Örebro, while Fredrik Andersson recorded the batteries in the Park Studios in Stockholm and the end result is, without exaggeration, that of an outstanding songbook . Video | YouTube 'War Of The Gods "opens the selection and while it may seem familiar, as it has the same power that past material, crushing riffs, the voice of Johan Hegg desagarradora, also has a piece of spoken word, and the rhythm section almost disjointed.

And yet the melody is not so great away from bestiality. 'Tock's Taunt - Locke's Treachery Part II' is for me one of the best tracks of this release. There blistering pace, that crushing double bass, but also times when the piston down without compromising either the melody or aggressiveness.

Video | YouTube 'Destroyer Of The Universe' is one hundred percent Amon Amarth. A hymn to headbanging live performance. The band is replete in 3:41 minutes. As in 'Slaves of Fear', a piece that is like a time bomb in which to highlight the double bass, guitars, which take an addictive melody and throaty voice Hegg taken out of hell.

'Live Without Regrets "closes the crushing of five subjects beginning with that patina house brand and a chorus of the best that have made the Swedes, those who believe love and reverence to their teachers. Video | YouTube 'The Last Stand of Frej' brand new compared to previous work. Away from the stagnation of other colleagues, take risks and get surprised.

First with Johan Hegg's voice grave and guttural but also with sharp parts, and generally much more dense structure. 'For Victory or Death'es for me Surtur favorite song Rising. Epic, with guitars creating a central opening melody and hooks, and a voice not as death as in previous issues.

A hymn that honors them have composed. 'Wrath of the Norsemen' crush again, the low percentage rate, but the guitars are still masterful. 'I Am A Beast' is also one hundred percent Amon Amarth, played a nail gun, after listening is like a steamroller has passed over you. Live promises. 'Doom Over Dead Man' is the most different of all.

Very doomy, epic, and mournful, half time is from 3 min is heartbreaking. Amon Amarth say goodbye to a piece in which risky but remain themselves. 'Aerials' is the bonus track, a bonus with the release of System Of A Down has caused differences of opinion. I loved it and is a sign that the quintet is not enclosed in the Viking world.

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