Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wretch 32: "Unorthodox" is a hit in the UK t

LMFAO and while the song "Party Rock Anthem" promises to be the hit of the summer 2011, the new musical that announces the musical summer in Britain is Wretch 32. With his hit "Unorthodox," Wretch 32, with participation by Example, maddened rankings across the channel. If you're invited to the royal wedding or just passing soon in Britain, you do not miss this new musical sensation that is already widely.

Entitled "Unorthodox", title Wretch 32, aka Jermaine Scott, is a British rapper originally from Tottenham, born March 9, 1985. More Master of Ceremonies DJ, Wretch 32 released their first self-produced album, called "Wretchrospective" in 2008. Generally well received, this first album allows Wretch 32 to be approached by renowned dance music label "Ministry Of Sound.

End of 2010, Wretch 32 has drafts of his second album, "Black And White" to be published in August 2011. Avant-gardist, e the rapper offers a variety of sounds inspired by the "Grime". The Grime is characterized by complex rhythms of 2-step breakbeats. Grime style inspired by many genres including UK garage, dancehall and hip-hop.

The words and music combine futuristic electronic elements and free bass lines. "Unorthodox" gives pride to rap. All reinforced by the participation of Example, to whom we owe the hit "Will not Go Quietly." Finally, an inescapable hit of the summer. "Unorthodox" is produced by the team Future Cut, originally hits for Lily Allen, Shakira, Estelle or Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Also in 2011, the struggle for the hit of the summer seems well launched, already has two suitors LMFAO Wretch 32 and now, the list will soon grow.

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