Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A typographical error has been to call a gay day at Eurovision

The German city of Düsseldorf, which next month hosts the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, has included in its program of activities a "gay day of action" because of a typographical error, said Wednesday the company responsible for printing the news magazine of the festival. A "w" over placed in the least indicated has become the "Aktionstag der Schule" ("Day of action of the schools") in "der Schwule Aktionstag" ("Day of Action for gays"), said Roman von der Wiescher spokesman Düsseldorf Marketing und Tourismus (DMT).

The English version was also misspelled the word "Welcome" Close to 65,000 of the journal in the German version and another 35,000 of the English had to be withdrawn and corrected because this typographical error on page 45 of the publication, caused the confusion in the program of activities.

In the absence of just over two weeks to the end of the festival, to be held on May 14 has not been possible to make a reprint of the publications, so the error has been corrected with the help of a sticker in every issue removed. The English version included the translation from the original wrong, that is, "Gay's day of action" ("Day of action for gays.") In addition, the cover of the publication in English included another typo "Wielcome to Duesseldorf" instead of "Welcome", and "i" was deleted over using a pen, said Wiescher.

Needless to say, he added, which is much cheaper to correct errors stickers and a pen with a reprint of the magazine, but gave no details of cost.

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