Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prince and his proposal to outlaw the versions of songs

If the singer Prince was missing something to say was that it required a law prohibiting versioning songs. He has threatened to withdraw their fans for pictures from the Internet, has also come to censor and asked to leave the network a 'cover' that did Creep Radiohead has hit out at YouTube and eBay portal, has ventured stagnation music while still connected to the Internet, ensuring that the Red "is finished", and even banned a British dentist sing one of his songs.

Now return to the attack: "In music there is a law that allows anyone to use music to others without permission, this does not happen in any other field of art, or film, or literature ... (...) music alone can find tons of Purple Rain, but it sure will not find more than a Law and Order (TV series) ".

The singer lashed out against the music industry in an interview a few days ago George Lopez (in the talk show Tonight Lopez), where he asked a law that prevents that can make versions of hits without the permission of the creator. "Many people think that I who sing songs of Sinead O'Connor or Chaka Khan when is the reverse, are songs that I wrote, "he continued.

Many, now, reminding you that he has also laid hold of other songs in the past. Moreover, in 2009 an Italian judge accused Prince of plagiarism for her song The most beautiful girl in the world.

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