Monday, April 25, 2011

Monomes: when rock music knows no borders

Having a rock band is not easy. Even less so if the people who make it are separated by thousands of miles away. But such adverse circumstances appears to be an impediment to monomer, a Spanish band that tries to make the jump to the first division with its second album, the brand new Sweet Champagne.

We met through Skype, which also allows us to rehearse "Two group members living abroad, one in Manchester and one in the U.S.," says Clara, Monomes guitarist. "So we rehearsed for many months each on a site, send us email with all the ideas we are going and we met through Skype, a platform that also allows us to test." No distance is resisting new technologies.

After releasing his first album with 18 Chulos, Javier Krahe's record label, El Gran Wyoming or Pablo Carbonell, among others, Sony BMG Label knocked on his door. "It was a great opportunity to reach more people-counting Clara, an attempt to make the final leap to professionalism." To make that leap, nothing like a good springboard.

The famous producer Alejo Stivel, formerly of Tequila and responsible for the sound of bands such as Nena Daconte, M Clan and Joaquín Sabina, got behind the controls of the project: "It was a fantastic experience," recalls Clara. Was the first time we work with many media, technical and human.

Alejo understood exactly what we wanted to do: A classic rock album. A collection of songs sung in English, "a language that sometimes seems to be a taboo in Spain" and with which the group tries to open doors in abroad. One of those doors and appears to be open. In the autumn, Monomes poster will be part of massive Rock in Rio, which this year takes place in its original place in Brazil.

"We are thrilled, mind Clara. When we called to invite us, not what we thought ... But for now we have many other things ahead. We must go step by step. "So far, have given the former.

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