Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joey Ramone, ten years without the spirit of the Ramones

A day like today, April 15, ten years ago, in 2001, we awoke to the death of Joey Ramone, a true icon in the history of rock & roll with Elvis or John Lennon. Joey Ramone, aka Jeffrey Hyman, was baptized name Ramone as noms de guerre like the rest of his bandmates, he was the best singer of the punk-rock band on the planet: the Ramones.

It was the penultimate in a series that was orphaned in the deaths of Johnny and Dee Dee, being alive their first drummer and drummer Tommy official dissolution of the group, Marky, who continues to defend as you can, or leave him, the legacy of these titans of popular music. Joey Ramone, a young man who was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder that would have led directly to a mental institution, found his jacket in rock & roll.

His One, two, three, four! was an anthem of war and the punk-rock her means of expression. Concerts twenty minutes and just over fifteen songs was what they offered. Music played at full speed with three chords and an iconic image: capatillas, with stretched skinny jeans, shirt and leather jackets.

We made very good albums, the first six essential, and a lot of songs like 'Blitzkrieg Pop'. But Joey Ramone a record that was published posthumously: Do not Worry About Me, a foreboding title track coming out of the same title. An album of eleven tracks among which is a very solid version of What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong standard, and a superb own song "I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up).

A decade after his untimely death left us his music to remind you which is no small legacy.

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