Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interview with Víctor García (WarCry), II: "The same industry forces you to eliminate middlemen"

A week ago, Alpha was released, the new album by WarCry, seventh studio work that has surpassed all optimistic sales forecasts of the Asturian band. Hypersonic published that day in the first part of the interview we did to Victor Garcia, singer, main songwriter and leader considered by many the best Spanish metal band.

Today we bring you the second part of this very long conversation I had with him and in the end almost convinced him that this record should have a limited edition vinyl. Where do you walk WarCry? It is very important to the stability of the musicians and it shows a lot Alpha. It was a joint effort, including the work of producer has actually produced the album, and finally we have consolidated.

In WarCry no absolute truths. Video | YouTube The record editaís with your label, Wasp passed away ... Yes, the industry itself forces you to eliminate middlemen. The Internet has unified the world. There has been more than adapt. And how do you feel about all the processes controlling disc? The truth is that I'm more a musician than an entrepreneur.

We are learning from this new experience, we gradually. Have you thought about making a vinyl? Some people told us. As CD sales is not know it would sell vinyl. I was referring to a limited edition only got through the website or at concerts now that you mention it, I'm seeing the big home and they do look good.

When I remove a little weight out of the disc may do so, it would be a limited edition numbered only for our fans that I know are very mythomaniacs. You caught me on a good day so now I'm circling the head. What will be the launch tour of Alfa? Let's try to be selective. Is not the first time we say no to any proposal.

Not all bands can say no to any request for action. In summer, in theory we do festivals, there is less time and we will play only one song from the last album. The job of a festival is more concise, go have fun, less time and do not have opportunities to develop a personal concert. Is entertainment pure and simple.

Video | YouTube And then? The tour will begin in September. There are two ways: to play few gigs and be very selective but always with adequate infrastructure. Have a room with a large capacity but not targets that audience, but the scenario goes according to size. Perhaps after that we can do something to small level.

There are cities where we put less people than in others. We are equally happy in small than in large rooms, and these sites are displaying to the public. Barcelona and Madrid, we have very clear but it is hard to find rooms that have what we need. What then? There are some rooms as we want but the number of people fired the team with the group and rent.

You can lose money in one or two concerts, but a tour can not be ruined. If records are not benefit the tour is where you can get. You in this I guisais and I will always try to outdo eat a little. Normally when a company you own have a higher purpose, does not cost you much risk. Many groups claiming to be mastering to Florida, I play everything, just stick a label put on them, we have gone for broke.

You were recently in Latin America, how is the experience to play there? The public is not far away. I am very proud of the Hispanic public. They are very visceral, enjoy it a lot but there is great respect for music. You arrive at the airport and the police can record the suitcase but then ask you a photo.

There is a great respect for musicians and musical level I consider very important. You tell me a story of the last tour? In Monterrey (Mexico), a city that is very bad for the issue of drug trafficking. -1 º C was at 9.30 am when we arrived and the hotel was in front of the room. We went to the record company to the 11:30 a.m.

and there was a huge queue from early morning, fans were delighted. That was a great night, without incident or anything bad that you could imagine. Return soon as there are countries in which we have been and we know we are waiting.

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