Friday, April 22, 2011

Dance music XCII

Watch the video at the original site. Although most of you will be enjoying a few days of free time, here we are another week to leave you the best of dance music from Noctamina, in a few days in which precisely this music becomes more important than ever. And to start today, we do rather than just music, with a history as Martin Solveig, away from us delivered a single video of his "series" Smash is giving us a story in chapters.

And as we advance in its day, for their latest single, Ready 2 Go, with Kele, offers the third of it, recorded during the rest of a friendly football match between the selection of France and Croatia, Noctamina though, if you pique my curiosity, I offer three in one post. What not to say that it worked! In our "community outreach service" we put you on notice: Guetta is back at it again, this time with Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, a man offering "more of the same" Where Dem Girls At call, the kind that only he can check.

A hit is almost ready to take off for summer territories with the clear intention of pounding our eardrums wherever you go. So quedais advised, for your welfare and our own peace. Watch the video at the original site. More interesting will probably find the usual Hipersónica this collaboration that we leave then by Skrillex and Korn.

As we said at the time, is a commonly Skrillex to consider within the electro-house and dubstep all only 22 years. The boy, Canadian activist Mau5trap, Deadmau5 seal has broken sales records with their first ep, Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites, so as to attract the attention of people as important and sacred as those of Jonathan Davies, of course Skrillex comes from a post-hardcore band and the guitars were going before working with them.

Therefore, the Get Up, here we present you get that perfect combination of such different styles. But we have more new features like the new John Talabot, one of our local artists with a promising future, as you can judge by your new theme Families, in collaboration with Glasser, who also anticipates his new ep of the same title, which also find this theme and a remix of the two new starting May 9.

Anotadlo in your diaries, it's worth. Watch the video at the original site. And Fedde Le Grand, who many topics as you can remember Put Your Hands Up For Detroit, also is back, now running, a topic that comes along with Sultan & Ned Shepard's voice in a Mitch Crown more relaxed but with a steady crescendo that ends up turning this issue around a dancefloor hit this season.

And also provides a remix, that will make even more danceable. And I advised some time ago that Above & Beyond were almost ready and expected her next album, Group Therapy, when you advance with your Sun & Moon, this love song to the rhythm of trance. Now we have British trio's second single for that album, Thing Called Love, which put the voice back to Richard Bedford.

What we can not yet give a date for the album, but is expected in May or June. I told you. Watch the video at the original site. And let's talk about collections, as the next Balance, the 019, which after being mixed by Agoria, Timo Maas, Nick Warren or falls now in the hands of one of the most respected national djs such as Henry Saiz, who not only finds time to produce their own songs, remix those of others, carry their own label, and be acting Natura Sonoris practically every week in one place or another, but also met on 2 CDs 31 tracks that will well up the national flag because a large number of the selected artists are Spanish.

And another label that is collected is Cocoon, who chooses to hold its eleventh anniversary, instead of a designated for another, and does so with Cocoon Recordings Eleven Years: Selected Remix Works, which have chosen 9 of the most authentic items their catalog, they have been placed in the hands of other artists for the remix and that's exactly what we offer for your birthday, so the quality is assured.

The reason for Kompakt collected is quite another. Its causes are supportive and Kompakt Benefit Compilation For Japan, they want to offer everything from sales collected through Othermusic or Bandcamp of this collection of 34 tracks of very different nature to the Japan Red Cross, so if you want to lend a hand in return, bringing you amazing collection of the best of German label, this is your chance.

And speaking of festivals already this summer, as every week, on the one hand we have the second round of confirmations for the Fresh Weekend, is already big, and getting to be confirmed and 46's, with names like Jeff Mills, John Digweed, Surgeon, Seth Troxler, Luciano, Henry Saiz, Dubfire and Oscar Mulero, making it a very tender regard to whether it is your electronics, and with nothing to envy of other festivals veterans.

As a veteran is Aquasella, which this year celebrates no less than fifteen years, the pretty girl, as they say, so to start with your list of confirmations have decided to put aside what other issues (more than "shoe") and have opted for quality, with the likes of Henrik Schwarz, Âme, Dixon, Ben Klock and Marcel Dettman.

Watch the video at the original site. Among our great classics, this week we look at an issue that marked some of us in our first out of "clubbers" as was the Last Train To Trancentral, The KLF, a British duo had occasional success in the early of 90, but none like this, and well worth a space for remembrance on our pages.

And before going to an end, we want to offer this Thirtysixtwentyfive, the first ep released under the alias Kieran Hebden of Four Tet. And say why at this point? Well simple: he has risen to Soundcloud, but that also gives it away. Look at the arrow on the right, in the UP or player here.

I guess you know what that means, right? Well, that, "36 minutes and 25 seconds" the best sound Four Tet, by the arm. And now, if, in our final stretch today, we leave the release of the week on the one hand, by Fancy on DANCE by Justice (mindful that can also be downloaded free). You know what that invites with that title, right? In the same session that you regalabamos on Sunday, with the help of James Zabiela this time.

Relaxed but perfect to begin Friday night with philosophy, with a good daiquiri if possible, as I offered in our weekly section of cocktails. So I said all this, we can only remind you that you can stop by our's finally Friday, available yesterday (what better to offer a bridge as God intended) if you have any questions about possible events to choose from for those great days of rest.


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