Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bootsy Collins "Funk Tha Capital of the World" fantastic album 2011

A monument to the funky music, with its costumes "flashy" and extravagant spectacles, Bootsy Collins, returns for our pleasure with a new album entitled "Tha Funk Capital Of The World." On this new album, Bootsy Collins is joined by an impressive list of artists who made music history. Legendary bassist, Bootsy Collins is back with a brand new album "Tha Funk Capital Of The World." It is very difficult to present Bootsy Collins, as his career is impressive.

It begins in the 60s, during which he was the bassist for James Brown before joining later a George Clinton Bootsy Collins invited into the adventure of the two largest groups Funky Music, Funkadelic and Parliament. Tha Funk Capital of the World, "is her new solo album since 2002. For this new project, Bootsy Collins paid tribute to all artists that have influenced and shared his vast musical career.

With such a career, Bootsy Collins was willing to leave anyone out of Jimi Hendrix to James Brown by way of Michael Jackson. In total, the writing of the album "Tha Funk Capital of the World" took two years. Finally, Bootsy Collins book funk album of the year. To help him in his musical creation, Bootsy Collins was surrounded by a galaxy of artists.

Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Sheila E., George Clinton, Samuel L. Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, through an audio recording and Bobby Womack who also starred on the first single from "Tha Funk Capital Of The World", the song "Do not Take My Funk". Tha Funk Capital Of The World "wrote a new page in the history of music.

This new album by Bootsy Collins is an event for lovers of music "funky" and offers a magical journey surrounded by musicians simply awesome. Less than "sampling" and a healthy dose of refinement to find on the album "Tha Funk Capital Of The World" by Bootsy Collins with the following list of titles: 01.

"Spreading Hope Like Dope" (Intro) 02. "Hip Hop Funk @ U "(featuring Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and Chuck D) 03." Mirrors Tell Lies "(featuring Jimi Hendrix) 04." JB-Still The Man "(featuring Rev. Al Sharpton) 05." Freedumb ( featuring Dr. Cornel West) 06. "After Thesis Messages" (featuring Samuel L.

Jackson) 07. "Kool Whip" (featuring Phil and Ade iCandice) 08. "The Real Deal" (featuring Sheila E. and iCandice) 09. "Do not Take My Funk" (featuring Catfish Collins and Bobby Womack) 10. "If Looks Could Kill" (featuring Bela Fleck, Zionplanet-10 and Dennis Chambers) 11. "Minds Under Construction" (featuring Buckethead and (Z-Class)) 12.

"Siento Bombo" (featuring Olvido Ruiz and Ouiwey) 13. "Garry Shide Tribute" (featuring George Clinton and Linda Shide) 14. "Stars Have No Names (They Just Shine)" ( featuring Nick Arnold and Chrissy Dunn) 15. "Chocolate Caramel Angel" (featuring Faith Daniels Ronni Racket and Casper) 16.

"Yummy, I Got The Munchies" (featuring Musiq Soulchild, Razzberry Hershey and Tom Joyner)

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