Friday, April 22, 2011

Beyoncé unveils 'Run The World (Girls)', his new single

Beyoncé has taken almost three years to prepare his new job. From that I Am ... Sasha Fierce as irregular and that the only thing that saved without exception, as always, was his magnificent voice, she has held the weeks and months of touring, collaborations and the occasional short break. Until next June, we can not hear the new album by Beyonce, of which we know has had with producers such as Rodney Jenkins, Ne-Yo, Frank Ocean and Diplo, and whose general tone is a mixture of styles, without being enclosed in a single trend.

To be confirming or denying these initial reports, the former Destiny's Child has released its first single, 'Run The World (Girls). " The song is built on the item sampler 'Pon De Floor', Major Lazer, and sound more reminiscent of his early solo efforts, rescued some cuts from his latest album as 'Radio'.

'Run The World (Girls)' has been written, among others, by The-Dream, responsible for much of the composition of that fantasy of Mary J. Growing Pains Blige. Here the singer returns to one of his classic leitmotif, the women claim, on a simply brutal rhythm of which is impossible to come off and on Beyoncé's voice sounds sensational.

The softer parts contrasted perfectly with the aggressive tone of the court and make it one of the most successful single singer, who seems willing to set aside too mellow perspective of his previous album.

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