Friday, March 25, 2011

Woody Allen opened the Niemeyer Centre in Spain with his jazz band

.- The filmmaker Woody Allen has described today as a "horrible music" before playing in front of 10,000 spectators, gathered tonight to hear him, with his band, at the inaugural concert of the Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer Asturian town of Aviles, northern Spain. New York artist before the cinema opened Niemeyer, where a chair bearing his name, and where it is submitted by the president of the regional government of Asturias, Vicente Álvarez Areces and Spanish singer-songwriter Luis Eduardo Aute, along with the Spanish Minister of the Presidency Ramon Jauregui.

In a brief statement - "I have rush to play" has warned since the New Orleans Band was waiting on stage, has expressed confidence that their films are "in this great movie" a cultural center promising that it will really be a success. "" I am a good manager but I'm a horrible musician, which is why I am here today, "has simply said to the audience that filled the small theater, with both hands occupied by the bags containing the clarinet with which it has operated.

The organization handed out 10,000 invitations to a crowd that filled the main square of the Niemeyer Center, where Allen and his band took off in a jazz session, whose repertoire, as is customary in concert, not in advance. A concert that has passed for more than an hour, with the constant threat of rain, but with a warm temperature.

The singer Aute, who has qualified privilege to be with Allen at the opening of Niemeyer, joked with the director and has said he will not bow down in front of the director of "Manhattan" because he had "a knee chunga (injured) , but has been happy to pay "homage." He will share a passion for movies and music, and despite the modesty of Woody Allen, Aute has praised his work as a jazz performer.

As Prime Minister said the Spaniard, perhaps Allen has not played ever before to such a large audience in a massive outdoor concert like the one held tonight in Avilés a few hours of the opening of the first building of the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer built in Spain. For his part, Minister of the Presidency, Ramon Jauregui, invited to the inauguration of the Niemeyer Center, stated that this equipment is splendid news for Asturias and Spain.

" This center, stressed, "is going to be a reference architecture and sculpture of Oscar Niemeyer in Europe, and will become one of the great icons for the XXI Century." Allen, for tomorrow we leave for Rome, said his arrival in the capital of Asturias, Oviedo, which for him is always a pleasure to come to this region of northern Spain where he reiterated, would "spend more time."

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