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What are the sanctuaries of pop and rock in Spain?

What artists kittens grew macroconcerts succeed today? What local set the pace for new trends? The British magazine NME a few weeks ago drew up a list of rooms mythical Britain, USA and Japan. But what are the legendary establishments in Spain? Rumors Music users. it helped us to draw a map with places that every good music lover and lover of live music should know.

This is the list, in alphabetical order: Apollo. Where: Nou de la Rambla, 111, Barcelona. Opened: 60's. It is emblematic because ... located in an old theater, dancing half-century by the clubbers of the city. It also has one of the agendas of concerts and DJ sessions most comprehensive Barcelona.

Moloko, El Guincho and other artists stepped on their draft boards. Since 1985 lives under the same roof with the Board Nitsa, a local international benchmark for electronic music and the latest trends. Azkena. Where: C / Ibáñez de Bilbao, 26, Bilbao and C / Coronation, 4, Vitoria. Opened: 2000.

It is emblematic because ... has one of the most diverse schedules direct to Bilbao and Vitoria. Its stage has passed since El Canto Del Loco or Cycle, Mala Rodriguez, Steve Earle, Danko Jones, The Delgadoss and Mastodon. Bikini. Where: Av Diagonal 547, Barcelona. Opened: 1953 is emblematic because ...

rose to fame more than half a century as a village hall and bowling, and today continues to host some of the most enjoyable nights of the city. Antonio Vega, Apocalyptica, Asian Dub Foundation, or Pavement Warholss Dandy could not resist her charms. Brutal Zone. Where: C / Arrabal, 6, Haro (La Rioja) is symbolic because ...

offers one of the best programs live hip hop, punk and rock of the region and from Monday to Sunday, without rest. Owl Club. Where: C / Cathedral 3, La Laguna (Tenerife). Opened: 1983. It is emblematic because ... is one of these dens "of a lifetime." In the beginning was marked by a preference for jam sessions and even came to be called Owl Jazz.

Today programming moves between pop and rock. Antonio Orozco Iván Ferreiro or were some of his recent guests. Deltoya. Where: C / Cardenal Mendoza, 13. Valladolid. Is emblematic of ... his passion for heavy metal and hard rock, which has been baptized in the name of a disk of Extreme and T-shirts lining the walls of the Holy Land and Judas Priest.

Goths are also welcome here. Devizio. Where: C / Lozano Monzón, 5, Zaragoza. Opened: 1990. It is emblematic because ... passed its stage fifteen years ago the likes of Mano Negra and Red Baron. After a long period without live music by a licensing issue, it recovered some time with a performance by The Fuzztones and lysergic emanations.

Excalibur. Where: C / Sanz Raso, 19-21, Madrid. Opened: 1990. It is emblematic because ... located in the legendary district of Vallecas, from Thursday to Sunday waving manes of their clients to the sound of classic heavy metal anthems. Weekends offer live performances. Of course, only rock.

FourSeasons Sixties Club. Where: Carrer de Castelldefels 14, Castellón. Opened: 2007. It is symbolic because ... despite its recent opening, is a few rooms in the capital of La Plana dedicated to direct underground aftertaste. Makers, David and John Pomer, are known in the area by previous adventures, such as the pub Octopussy.

His musical preferences: rock, pop, soul and punk, among others. Fun Club. Where: C / Alameda de Hercules 86, Sevilla. Opened: 1987. It is emblematic because ... this is one of the oldest rooms in Seville, factory legends, queen rock scene of the city and trend-setter. The Enemy, Sex Museum, Love Of Lesbian, Savage or Pata Negra left their footprints there.

Gruta'77. Where: C / Cuckoo, 6, Madrid. Open since: 2000. It is emblematic because ... is one of the reference sites in Madrid for rock'n'roll, garage, surf and rockabilly. Within a decade, has held more than 3,000 concerts. "The most surprising? Perhaps one in which Marky Ramone came to the fore hidden in the box drum of your battery.

Hangar. Where: San Pedro and San Felices, 56. Burgos. Open since: 2009. It is emblematic because ... built in the old hangars Renfe, has a concert hall with capacity for more than a thousand people and its own music label, Mus Records, where he edited the work record of the groups selected by the center.

Telephunken, The Coronas or the Holy Land have staged their lineup. Hebe. Where: C / Tomás García, 5, Madrid. Open since: 1980. It is emblematic because ... This is a cozy, half way between the concert hall and a neighborhood bar. Three decades ago, El Gran Wyoming and Reverend inaugurated their direct programming, anticipating what would come next.

Ska-P, The Wizard of Oz or Boikot given his first guitar playing there. Honky Tonk. Where: C / Covarrubias, 24, Madrid. Opened: 1987. It is emblematic because ... was one of the key bars of the Madrid scene of the 80 and today is one of the veterans halls from the list. It was there one night, Joaquin Sabina and Enrique Urquijo, wrote a ranch in tandem then titled "We had the 10 and cat eyes.

In your scenario also presented a very young Alejandro Sanz their first album, Living fast. Industrial Copera. Where: Ctra Armilla, Calle La Paz, Hall 7, Armilla (Granada). Opened: 1992. It is emblematic because ... shaking has almost twenty years Grenadines night with a program that combines electronic music sets (perhaps his favorite) to pop and rock concerts and theme parties.

In your resume include names such as Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin. Jendrix. Where: C / García Morato, 41, Alicante. Opened: early 90's. It is emblematic because ... continues to lead the fun of the popular Alicante Wood Road, through, among other things, his taste for rock, punk or heavy metal.

Kafe Antzokia. Where: C / San Vicente, 2, Bilbao. Opened: 1995. It is emblematic because ... located in a cafe-theater, has a busy cultural agendas of Bilbao. In addition to live music, theater houses, workshops and film screenings. One of its aims is the promotion of Basque culture. The Iguana.

Where: C / Churruca, 14, Vigo (Pontevedra). Open since: 1991. It is emblematic because ... since it opened its direct incendiary rock The Devil Dogs, have continued to receive visits from prestige, including Green Day, The Offspring, Andrés Calamaro, Nada Surf .... For something they call 'the temple of rock.

" Le Bokowski. Where: C / Egia, 18, Egia (Guipúzcoa). Reopening in: 2007. It is emblematic because ... built on an old bar of the same name, this is a classic neighborhood pub Egia recently refurbished and is in full swing programming concerts and DJ sessions both nationally and internationally.

In the coming months expect to DJ Budin, Dj Adrian Fever and planning gaps funk parties "global." Magic. Where: Passeig Picasso, 40, Barcelona. Opened: 70 Years. It is emblematic because ... hearth fires and crosses, say on their website, a second youth. In its raw rock rogue programming.

For their basements have spent hundreds of groups, including Hook, Hand Innocent or Tarantula. Moby Dick. Where: Avenida de Brasil, 5, Madrid. Opened: Year 1992. It is emblematic because ... just turned 19 years of providing direct from renowned artists. Some still remember Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) crashing his dreadlocks on the floor of the room, the last performance of the late Pepe Risi (Burning) in Madrid or Bersuit playing from wooden stage in pajamas.

Nasti. Where: San Vicente Ferrer, 33, Madrid. Opened: 2000. It is emblematic because ... before Peaches, Red Russian or 2 Many DJs triumph at major festivals, presented their subjects in this small room malasañera. The property is located in the old Wonders Hall, another legendary place of the Spanish indie scene.

That is where the Moran brothers began to take shape what later became the Festival of Benicassim. Be due matao Pa. Where: C / de Castellón, 8, Sedaví, Valencia. Opened: 1996. It is emblematic because ... provide a space for both hard rock concerts and productions. Among the artists who have performed in the room figutan Tanatorium, rust, Rancor, Layers ...

Playa Club La Coruña. Where: Riazor Andrés s / n, Coruña. Opened: 1957. It is emblematic because ... track passed by all generations of Coruña. With over 100 performances each year, his specialty is avant-garde sounds and alternative pop, soul-jazz, funk, electronica and groove. Chus port.

Where: Plaza San Julián, 4, Salamanca. It is emblematic because ... this is one of the kittens with live alternative that brings art to the public Salamanca. The decor is also maintained. Razzmatazz. Where: Pamplona, 88, Barcelona. Opened: Year 2000. It is emblematic because ... It sits on the old-and-mythical Zeleste, which closed its doors in 1973.

Today, some of Dj are among the most famous of the peninsula, Dj Amable, Dj Sidereal and offer indie-pop, rock or electronic. Rock Beer The New. Where: C / Peñas Round, 15, Santander. Opened: 90's. It is emblematic because ... his is the rock at full blast in capital letters, and all kinds: garajero, progressive, heavy metal, black metal ...

and breaded priced drinks. In the heart of the city. Rock Club. Where: Dr. Fleming, 5, Ourense. Opened: 1998. It is emblematic because ... has received the Staff of the garage, powerpop and punk rock and abroad. And they have even their own song, Get Hip, the band The Cynics gave them. Savoy.

Where: C / Pelayo, 2 Gijon (Asturias). Opened: 2007. It is emblematic because ... with an average of four concerts a week, has become one of the landmarks concert rock & roll, swing and indie pop of the Asturian city. The Coronas and The Tennessee Three have trod its stage, although most impacted visit their responsibility was to Martha Reeves, a living legend of Motown.

Almost gives them something! Siroco. Where: C / San Dimas 3, Madrid. Opened: 1990. It is emblematic because ... as it unfolds, without modesty, on their website without it "the night and the city's music scene could not be understood" in the same way. Spread over two floors, has a preference for the break-beat, hip-hop, indie pop, funk and house, and a warm atmosphere, with much feeling.

The Sun Where: C / Jardines, 3, Madrid. Opened: 1979. It is emblematic because ... considered one of the cradles of 'La Movida', has given birth to groups such as Nacha Pop, Radio Futura, La Union ... Its walls have served as the backdrop for recording video clips from Extremoduro, Maria Jimenez and Revolver.

There are many rooms that have failed to survive the assaults of time. Of these, the most remembered by the users of Music Rumors. Madrid is the Rock-Ola. In the early 80's, the seedy and decadent den became the scene of the musical trends of the time, the peaks and landscape through which Almodóvar marched from Alaska and Los Pegamoides to Sinister and New Order.

The death of a rocker at the door of the premises marked the beginning of the end of that mecca of Movida. The neighborhood protests were, however, that caused the closure of Madrid also Chancellor, meeting point for lovers of classic 80's heavy and, with Barabbas and Carolina, another favorite of our readers.

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