Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vivian Girls + The Last Dandies in concert in Madrid (Sun, 3/29/2011): a rich quick guitars

Three girls, a guitar, drums and bass, and the lesson well learned Punk-Rock left behind a fun concert. Of those nights that you are glad to music with some other boat as much as the songs have the same structure and sound that you hear so often. Vivian Girls have a hook with his latest album, Share The Joy (2011, Polyvinyl Records) continues to increase.

Cassie Ramone A voice that makes more presence live thanks to a clever echo effect that increases record that there is no need to ask any virtuosity, for that and other singers are so interesting in the face of teachers as boring for the audience . Cassie Ramone presence is enough to give some points to increase the guitars irony and harshness.

These guitars draw as much from the school of Sonic Youth and any Punk-Rock song quick look at two minutes to convey vitality, dynamism and a simple structure to the ups and downs necessary to finish while humming the dance. A secondary Ramone Katy Goodman on bass and backing vocals and, in a more acute and delicate tember, a bell that when he played for a moment to defend only the subject conflicted with the forcefulness of her companion, more manly and carefree.

Best voices together as in 'I Heard You Say. " And Fiona Campbell on drums. The only drummer that I've seen so far does not stop with the sticks hitting his instrument and constantly seek to look at their partners to smile, in a clear gesture of pure fun, that it is coming around and the little concern above them.

Of course, then you say that these issues are for dancing, like "Dance (If You Want) 'and it is impossible to resist the feeling of cheerfulness transmitting Campbell.

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