Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spanish tour of Ted Leo And The Pharmacists

Ted Leo And The Pharmacists have started a Spanish tour and we had forgotten recomendárosla. After the self-slap on the wrist, say it is the first time this maverick artist comes to our country with his band for 11 dates. Ted Leo is a peculiar character. With a past hardcore Citizens Arrests and music forged a substrate based on three key names: Billy Bragg, The Jam and The Pogues, over a sediment-rock and punk power-pop, more present in their live, what he can not pass unnoticed.

It's nothing new posted with his band, the last album was The Brutalist Bricks (Matador, 2009) was a disappointment compared to Living With The Living and the wonderful pillar compared with Tyranny Of Distance, surely that will pull classical repertoire architecture combines rock, the best power pop Yankee and the attitude and speed of punk.

I hope to see you tomorrow at the Savoy Club, Gijón, which certainly closes its doors, and hopefully you already have your plans set out in the coming days. The mainland tour dates which opened Wednesday, March 30 at the Campus of Vitoria are as follows:

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