Sunday, March 27, 2011

Second: "The musicians can live no longer sell records"

Although the presentation tour of fractions of a second (2009) were kept on the road until the end of 2010, the Second Murcia band is back to defend his fifth studio album, Dreamers Too, available from 29 March. This new collection of songs keeps them excited after 14 years of experience, while recognizing that musicians can live no longer selling records.

"We basically live concerts, this week claimed the singer, Sean Frutos, who your battery Guirao Fran adds:" And as Spotify platforms are the future. " In this regard, Fran recalled that long ago is being said that the CD is over, but the truth is that "it is resisting." "Now, as Spotify platforms are the future, because you can find lots of music and works as a listen and if you like, maybe you buy it in the store," he argues.

In this line, states that "there must be a middle ground for people to have access to culture at a reasonable cost," while "there is awareness that this work is valued and remunerated from a little work the artist, not with houses or private jets, but to live it. " "Or to pay rent and buy bread," Sean tertiary.

Second is also a very active band on the Internet and social networks, according to them, because it is a direct contact with the very important and there is a direct feedback on which fans will say what they like and do not " . They even have a laugh once they broke down the van returning from a concert and after the event to upload photos to Facebook, people offered to go searching for help.

The new work has a stylistic twist on what they used to in other discosAcerca of a stylistic shift toward more electronic tendencies, cited references include current bands like Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun and The Presets. The guitarist Jorge Guirao recognizes that in this case wanted to do an album with a sound "more processed, probably more environmental," and pointed out that some of the new songs came to be "thirty versions and hundreds and hundreds of tracks study.

" Vocalist Sean Frutos explained, on the other hand, the letters, as usual in the band, starting from the darkness but always moving toward the light, even singing to life and saying that you can change everything around " . "There has been much road and hard work in the group, many self-destruction in recent months, and maybe that has influenced," he noted.

Dreamers Too is the result of constant work study hours divided between roads and concerts, taking every moment to think of new ideas. Being produced by a live coach Raul Lara has been a help to work even "in the van." So say that though did not have any social life "and they have" left the bride, at least the end there is a record "that are" very happy.

" But it notes that according to Jorge Guirao, Second Road is a band that when it happens three weeks without touching notes the "necessity", because that is the "lifestyle" that they like. In any case, the other guitarist, Javi Vox, stressed that now do not feel they have to stop, but added that "when the time comes" will do "naturally." Already immersed in the tour to present this new work, the musicians give much importance to his concert on 7th April in the Sala Joy Eslava de Madrid, where he already played a year ago (that concert was recorded on DVD and now sold alongside the new disc.) "We hope that at least this year will be as before, because it was a very important concert in our career, in a room of nearly a thousand people," recalls Sean.

Also part of the SOS 4.8 Festival poster, which the 6th and 7th of May will be held in his native Murcia, an event that always has been "treated well" and will serve on this occasion to officially present his new songs to their large audience in their city. Finally, explain that these concerts have changed "a little repertoire of the last tour, and apart from the new album" Songs rescued early albums or subjects who did not play "some time ago." "We want to change the basic concept that people can find something other than a continuation of the 2010 tour," Fran Guirao sentence.

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