Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Owl City: Alligator Sky unveils a new album 2011

The composer Adam Young, better known by the name of Owl City, offers this week the single "Sky Alligator." This new song is the prelude to his forthcoming album entitled "All Things Bright And Beautiful", scheduled for May 2011. This year, Owl City has much to confirm the success of the song "Flireflies," released in 2009.

First single from the new album, Owl City presents the single "Alligator Sky" with two versions. A first solo version and another in the company of rapper Shawn Chrystopher. A rarity to be reported, the solo version of the single propelled itself directly in the first position in the ranking of electronic music in the USA By inviting the rapper Shawn Chrystopher on the song "Alligator Sky, Owl City is now going to rank r 'n'b.

Owl city was revealed to the European public in 2009 with the success of his song "Flireflies. This atypical composer turned instead to the electronic universe, loves his music closer to pop sounds. For many years, his compositions remained in the shadows. Adam Young works for film, television and released two albums, "Maybe I'm Dreaming" in 2008 and "Ocean Eyes" in 2009.

Two years after his last album, Owl City will unveil on May 17, his new album "All Things Bright and Beautiful" which will include 12 songs. There are also other collaborations such as participation of the Canadian Light singer on the song "The Yacht Club. Here is the list of songs from the album "All Things Bright And Beautiful" by Owl City: 01 - The Real World 02 - Deer in the Headlights 03 - Angels 04 - Dreams Do not Turn To Dust 05 - Honey and the Bee ( ft.

Breanne Düren) 06 - Kamikaze 07 - January 28, 1986 08 - 09 Galaxies - Flowers Hospital 10 - Alligator Sky (ft. Shawn Chrystopher) 11 - The Yacht Club (ft. Lights) 12 - Plant Life

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