Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Age concert in Madrid (Sala Heineken 03/30/2011): One night based distortion

With No Age happens to me if those disk groups do not tell you much if you like live but then things change. A feeling I had through third-party opinions, stories I had read and videos of them on the Web last night's concert at the Heineken was my first time with Americans and change to direct study is radical.

No Age are a duo of Randy Randall on guitar and Dean Allen Spunt on drums and vocals. On stage they are joined for a while the presence of William Kai Stangeland-Menchaca, Silver Daggers group, the styling care synthesizers (at the same tacky) that is opposed to the scruffy fellow, more concerned with giving cane at their instruments than anything else.

The occasion was to present his latest album, Everything in Between (2010, Sub Pop), the last album released to date by a group whose discography since 2005 has been very productive between EP and several singles. They opened with "Life Prowler 'and the closure is left one of the most driven to' Shed And Transcend '.

In general, I prefer the first and last part of the live. The first in the sense of brute force that suddenly passed with live music where Noise Shoegaze or spent on study becomes at times until Hardcore's good, at least in the attempt to exploit the full power sound and the speed of the tempos that Dean Allen Spunt was marked at the time of setting the pace with its battery, exercise as opposed to the public we did, so calm and quiet, come on, normal for here, to what Spunt himself seemed to look worried and trying time to time speeches, but no, we are rather calm, except at the end there was a pseudo pogo, something fans have been declared No Age.

In the latter part of the piston No Age went after a time of relative "calm" to get bored with the repetition of the issues among themselves by repeating the same line of distortion and sound walls built to implode against our ears in which Spunt's voice did not come even remotely. 'Eraser' from their second album, Nouns (2008, Sub Pop), was among the final stretch to attribute the more intense, if possible in style, something I had anticipated "Sleeper Hold 'where the guitar under the influence of the various pedals Randall mingled with the bases, bases for almost the whole concert sounded pretty Industrial by his recent partner in the direct.

1. Life prowler 2. Teen Creeps 3. Ur Target 4. Every Artist Needs A Tragedy 5. Fever Dreaming 6. Depletion 7. Common Heat 8. Losing Feeling 9. Capo 10. Glitter 11. Hump Valley Crash 12. Sleeper Hold 13. Eraser 14. Chem Trails 15. Shed and Transcend 16. Minor

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