Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mexican artists unite their voices for the victims of Japan

Mexico, March 29 (EFE) .- About thirty Mexican artists, among them are names such as Thalia, Alejandro Fernandez and Julieta Venegas, joined their voices in a charity drive, which will target sales to those affected by the earthquake in Japan . Sponsored by record companies Sony and EMI, plus a suite of large companies, the initiative is an echo of the one held last year in a similar manner to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti.

"The kind of things that are happening on our planet is a call, are signs," he said at the press conference of presentation of the album, the singer Natalia Lafourcade. "Let the hand for today and tomorrow they can be for us , is a human responsibility, "he said on his part, Paty Cantú.

Proceeds from the sale of the album, at a price of 99 pesos (about $ 8) - will be channeled to the Mexican Red Cross which in turn will transfer to its counterpart in Japan. Among the 37 singers and groups involved include the names of Vicente Fernandez, Alondra de la Parra, Anahi, Reyli, Alejandra Guzmán, Aleks Syntek, OV7, and Camilla, among many others.

"We could not be indifferent to such tragedy," referred Roberto Lopez, president of Sony Music Mexico. During the ceremony, Japanese Ambassador to Mexico, Masaki Ono, thanked the Mexican institutions for their encouraging words and thanked the Mexican government grant food and water. Initially, 15,000 records have been published which are hitting stores now, although the figure is likely to expand.

Additionally will be implemented soon holding a benefit concert, which will also be broadcast over the Internet, thanks to the digital platform result of agreement between Sony and Grupo Modelo, Corona Music. It is possible that some artists to donate part of their individual concerts ticket to the cause also.

The album will be released in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador in physical and digital formats. The Mexican Red Cross received more than a million pesos (about $ 83 000) in 2010, selling the album for Haiti, which resulted in two ambulances and training for management. According to World Bank figures the cost of rebuilding the land affected by the disaster is of 235,000 million, up 4% of GDP in Japan.

The death toll is around 11,000 and that of the 17,000 missing.

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