Monday, March 28, 2011

Manel group: the pop sung in Catalan, which sells more

Despite not exceed thirty and have put only two discs on the market, the quartet Catalan Manel and can claim to have made history. It is the first pop group in the Catalan language that manages to be number one in the Spanish charts. They have sold 10,000 copies in just one week of 10 miles per veure a bona armor (Warner / Discmedi), whose title comes from a phrase of William Shakespeare.

This figure has its weight in a music industry hit by the crisis and illegal copying. Before them, led sales in Catalan singer-songwriters Joan Manuel Serrat (1996 and 1974) and Luis Llach (1976 and 1977). A Manel members: Arnau Vallvé Maymó Martí, Roger Padilla and Guillem Gisbert, friends since high school, did very well with its debut in 2008, Els millors Professors europeus (36,000 copies sold) and raised great expectations with his music with lyrics about everyday subjects worked and raised to the rank details of stories.

Musical tastes know no language barriers. And the phenomenon Manel has much to do with word of mouth and foot of the stage work. With their first album and toured with the second and have performed in Reus (on Saturday) and have closed dates in Seville (April 15), Murcia (6 and 7 May), Madrid (May 16), Palma de Mallorca (26 May) and Valencia (4 and 5 June).

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