Friday, March 25, 2011

"I made the best record in the worst year of my life," says Manna Fher

Mexico City, March 25 (dpa) - "It's an album made in the worst year of my life," says the singer of the Mexican band Maná, Fher Olvera, the group's new album, which goes on sale on April 12 after five years of waiting. The title "Drama and light" refers to the tragic circumstances surrounding the singer's life in 2010 when his mother died first, then his sister and eventually the child she was expecting his wife.

"We discussed the possibility of stopping for a year because the situation was going through my life, but I decided not to stop and eventually I realized the healing power of music," he said in an interview with dpa vocalist of the band also formed by guitarist Sergio Vallin, drummer Alex Gonzalez and bassist Juan Calleros.

Gonzalez, who officiated the producer of the album with Fher, is the author of the song "America", a manifesto for Latino immigrants. In "Drama and light" are also songs like "Sister Mary", which tells of a nun who falls in love and "when a woman falls in love no one can stop it," says Olvera.

"Another song tells of a mirror a bit surreal and another called 'The Dragon' and talks about addiction." Fher told that the disc will cost less than usual, at the express request of the group founded in 1987 to fight the fight against piracy. "We think that piracy exists because disk prices are very high, record stores make much money and because the business of record labels spend on their private jets and mansions, "Olvera said." So, were more stars than the artists, "says guitarist Sergio Vallin." Once I said Rubén Blades 'Look at Tommy Motola (former head of Sony).

It is my employee and yet lives better than me, has much more money. " So things were in this business, "said the singer. The project's new album began to take shape in June 2008. During those 34 months were composed, arranged and recorded over 40 songs demo. 13 were chosen for the disk, which can already be heard on the radio the first single "Rain to the heart." This is a song composed by Olvera and Vallin and "carrying a message of hope to the clouds of an uncertain future by living in a half-dead planet," said Fher, whose association since its inception has been committed to environmental causes.

By Monica Maristain

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