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Interview with Igor Paskual "unstable equilibrium is a summary of my life"

Although born in San Sebastian in 1975, a Spaniard to the core. Raised in Oviedo and Gijón neighbor, former leader of Babylon Chat is from 2002 Loquillo guitarist and composer. Just solo debut in unstable equilibrium (Pop Up Music, 2011), a record that has already toured. With Igor Paskual Gijón were talking animatedly in a few days ago about this job and other things, this is what he told us.

Loquillo wear since 2002 but has been unable or not you've decided to release a solo album, why? It was a combination of several things, seeing as it has been the result not think there's been so long. When I went to the Mad were four or five years in what was an impressive amount of work.

I felt that I had a golden opportunity and wanted to return the favor many times over and my commitment to the band was one hundred percent. Mad because he thought the need to get in a level of critical and public respect him and that he had corresponded. There was a lot of very serious internal problems in The Troglodytes of management, with companies in the band themselves with drugs and lack of ambition to grow.

That took a long time. And when he reached that point, you decided to get to work on your own stuff, right? Yes, at that point was when I dreamed I had time for it. I had a deposit of songs and started to touch on acoustic. I did not start recording an album, I wanted to make my fans and I needed to find my own voice, do the same with Babylon Chat and do imitations of Loquillo.

That was a process and find my own poetry, that is, how being in one of the best rock & roll bands of what was the point to begin a solo career. And when you finished Unstable Equilibrium? Once I decided to record it, found the company, etc. It took me a little because I did not have a month to do it, because I recorded three days, I went on tour with the Mad, returned three days and the process that dragged on a little.

The issues are as you said before, have little to do with Babylon and nothing to Loquillo, encarrillado how did you get your way? All the experience I learned from the Fool has helped me to not do what he does, but I was worried about doing imitations of Babylon Chat. Time gives you your own voice and was interested in telling stories that Loquillo could not count, or were not credible in his voice.

The disc comes with Pop Up Music, what association do you have? It is a joint venture, I assume the costs of recording and the rest they do, it is as if I rent my work. I think Roberto Nicieza has been very prescient, does not appropriate the work of an artist ever and we are partners in this entente.

Returning to the disc, what is the single? The song is "Girl from high-end" what happens is that the video of "The worst boyfriend in the world" is something that I took before having company and wanted to get to work, I found a guy who did the design, a manager, a band that believed in me and Mario Viñuela it was he who made the video.

Why 'high-end Girl'? Because the disc has many styles, very heterogeneous, it seemed that for a first single was easier to understand. Everyone agreed that this should be the single. Does the selection of songs how did you do? It was hard because I'm always writing songs. Do not want to appear in the midst of recording new songs.

I got to the studio and recorded 20 or 25 songs and about that we were seeing what stuck most and least. When we had a uniform to put songs, a connection between the songs and what the letters said: I am very bad boyfriend, I want to be a good boyfriend, now I drink but I regret it because I have a hangover, I do not wish to be home and now they are.

Does the concept of the album come from? I have much more to do with the English they have to put everything behind a discourse of what Americans make only is doing. I identify with this phrase, which comes from my father because I have a habit of leaving things always on the edge of the table.

In the background is a summary of my life and represents a journey from what it means to installed at the ends, which is always wonderful, and the total noise, or too full, or complete action, things that are very inspiring at the time of writing but at the time of everyday life do not help, are terrifying.

Living on the edge, in the end Yes, but I can not live in balance at all because I get bored a lot. It's like I would like to take the best of the best ends and the midpoint, I want everything without paying the price. I do not want balance, I want an unstable equilibrium, that trip is spoken of throughout the disc.

All I think we spend a little this, have your family and go out and have a lot of lovers, at least in imagination. What do you say to those who say that things were better then than now? To me everybody tells me the world of music is very difficult. I've been very lucky to be in a person as the Fool, to be in a great band and I have lived my dream of rock & roll.

I do not think it would be easier to Babylon now, were very difficult times, I do not was not easy. In the mid-nineties was very complicated business, there was no way to enter a radio, record a demo, learn to play. Just remember currar like dogs and work for years. I remember the third album filled with the Sala El Sol, which is 400 people and was the result of eight years of spade work.

I see a very alarmist alarmist speech about music. It is different but no but you must learn to adapt. And do you ever imagined your life would be like? If I have any virtue is that I have great passion for music and a lot of willpower. If anything, I thank the genes not thanks for giving me the talent to write songs and play guitar, but thanks for giving me the willpower and passion.

I knew somehow I was going to pass something, not something as wonderful as play with the Fool. Can you reconcile the two races? At the moment yes, I've done six shows in the gaps that allowed me to Loco. From here until I have almost twenty concerts in June, but after the summer, the Madman is music to poems by Luis Alberto de Cuenca, will release a disc and then will make a tour of theaters.

At the moment it is possible to make it compatible, but it would hurt but that it was not with me Loco step playing really well. Loquillo What did you learn? What you give to life she'll return, that is the great lesson of Loco. Unlike many peers of his generation is a hard worker. Is a person who has lost none of passion, having lost all the innocence, and is passionate about music, fight every day, and continues to believe in yourself and your project is continually giving and giving, and life it is returning.

The effort and passion always has its reward. It has taught me a lot to stop and think, the Fool goes well his great heart of rock & roll with a head for business and media that sometimes scares. Is a master at reading situations. Have you changed your audience? I notice that there are people who followed me to Babylon, and now I have since recovered.

There are also people who follow the Fool who follows me, and pretty young people also joined. What do you expect Unstable Equilibrium? I have no goals but I have some aspirations, not specific but I'd like sensations within a year. A prestige that I think I deserve, I want to get on the map, I get all this fabric that I have with the company and people working with me to continue to maintain a second disk.

Sales figures is more complicated, generating sales takes about two or three discs. Is it easier now that you heed the mainstream media? The only major radio hits with Lady Gaga schedule, Madonna and Springsteen, and the mainstream media depends, I'll verify, but it's easier if I do more now.

Going my name associated with the Fool as well as you can open closed doors, because they believe that I have the same age and do the same. There are also people who knew me before. Your next concerts will be as wild as the matchup? At 35 I have to learn to slow, I'm much more moderate than Babylon, but then I weighed 10 kilos less and put up with much better my ligaments.

I guarantee that will continue to be intense because you always have to give everything, finding a balance is unstable. Does being a father has changed your outlook on life as a musician? I personally do not. When I read these interviews with people in the world of artisteo talking about fatherhood as it has come to see God, they are pathetic.

Is that children have them all over the world and everyone has to keep working and keep your roll. Of course life will change something, something that had never thought of is to leave something, even a mattress money, I have always lived a day and now you're thinking it's no longer just me, but that happens to all parents .

I tell you, in this case the artists are daubs.

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