Thursday, March 31, 2011

Igor Paskual - unstable equilibrium: a good start

Babylon Chat Paskual Igor left in 2002, a year after publishing Dancing with Brando, after the call Loquillo to join as guitarist and composer Loquillo y Los Troglodytes, where it remained until the dissolution of the band in 2007, following a lieutenant Loco's to date. The artist had been working for some time in their own repertoire, a collection of songs that once shaped and tested live finally see the light in this debut album, Balance unstable (Pop Up Music, 2011), two words that define your life and leaving a phrase from his father.

Igor Paskual achieved as he says a poetic self, a discourse away from what he does and up to Loquillo and trying, getting it, draw a chasm with his time with Babylon Chat, although vein glam still present in some of these songs . 'The worst boyfriend in the world', via video directed by Mario Viñuela which won the prize AMAS 2010 (YouTube) was a previous experiment that the Spaniard born in Donostia made and it turned out well.

This is a matter which Paskual excessive histrionics makes an art. This issue marks an uncomfortable final album 'Mi Funeral', a sly cut enough of a rake of 35 years 'Self Medication', another excess which begins with a list of psychotropic drugs and is still one of its lines and live artistic smells a hit.

Closing the disc, 'The heart of ice' (YouTube), one of the best tracks on the album, seems to condense Paskual Igor talent, a composer who we missed for a decade and we have finally recovered . But back to the top, Balancing unsteady opens with 'Music to betray', a song that could well be the first single for his rhythm, melody, catchy chorus, but wisely chose 'high-end Girl,' which has all that and much more and can be your gateway into the circle of artists to follow in this 2011.

'I lose my calm "(YouTube) is one of the cuts coming at the first thanks to their familiarity with the past production of Igor Paskual. 'We drink' is a ballad-anthem, a statement of principles, while 'Volver' (YouTube) is a touch more country, with the mandolin provided by Jorge Otero (Stormy Mondays).

'Bipolar', could be a good title for this album, a power-ballad, glam, that makes you want after a couple of listeners. 'The Bay' Babylon perhaps most of all and return to mourn the great loss suffered by the Spanish rock with the demise of that band. 'My friends (all my friends)' will also be a direct hot spots, rock & roll to the vein.

A remarkable and outstanding start for the discrepancy Calvo graphic art.

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