Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hidrogenesse, video of 'Moix': a tribute to Terenci Moix

For and Genis Segarra Carlos Ballesteros, Terenci Moix is his genius Local 2011 and he has devoted all its space in the exhibition Genius Loci, until June 6 can be seen at the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona. The facility, in which two figures are surrounded funeral maps, documents and other relics mortuary (like the pyramid built with discs that have returned those PIAS), could not have another name that was not Moix.

Hidrogenesse members thought that these two figures looked like they were playing music so do not hesitate to write a song for them. This is 'Moix' a new song with lyrics in Catalan, is based on an excerpt from the book Terenci Nile Barcelona writer, who next week will mark eight years of his death.

I have to admit that the song is not among my favorites of this duo as Martian who has accustomed us to more crazy and fun ideas. There are desires that are released to the what would be his third studio album if we ignore Bestiola. By the way, if you're near Bilbao tonight you play at the Fever.

Sure we are there.

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