Thursday, March 31, 2011

Findlay Brown revisits the "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth

Sometimes the covers of hits that marked the spirits are characterized by pale imitation or real pleasant surprise. This is exactly the case with the remake of "Promised Land" by Joe Smooth tube, by the English singer Findlay Brown, who has just arrived on the radio. The title "Promised Land" is primarily the cause of dance anthem by Joe Smooth.

Released in 1989, the song is a true classic that has been raising quantities of arms on all the dance world with his message of brotherhood, "bro-there, sis-ters, fighting violence." For this version, Findlay Brown asked her incredible voice on a bed of velvet music. His version of "Promised Land" is a pop ballad eternal able to seduce lovers of the original version as a new generation of listeners.

With such a jewel, the team of "Record Makers" has landed her phone to call the remix to goldsmiths. All agreed to immediately listen to the original version. Hypnolove, creators of the title "Miss" were the first to answer this. Their version is more refined than the original. A guitar riff, synth arpeggios, a breathtaking voice.

Belgians Villa have also made their own version of the title of Findlay Brown. With its disco accents, she manages to put the tube on the dance floor without the original singer Joe Smooth. Their house happy and epic succession of breaks and their version will blow the smiles on the faces of the dancers.

Before you can listen to all these versions, rush on the radio and listen to the version of the hit song "Promised Land" by Findlay Brown, a discrete production and charming. Close your eyes, listen to the promised land is before you!

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