Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Estopa: "The public in Venezuela is very hot" (+ photos)

Caracas, March 30 (EFE) .- The Spanish group for the second time Estopa visit the Venezuelan capital, ensuring that, despite his recent visit in November, the public will enjoy his concerts because their actions are always "totally unpredictable." "Sometimes rogue guitar and I lose my pot and I sing the Reed or whatever," he told Efe in an interview with David with a laugh, explaining that in the concerts are planned in Venezuela will offer a repertoire "quite varied" of all their classics.

On this second visit, the brothers David and José Muñoz-Manuel-give two concerts in the capital, in the Teresa Carreño Theater, and also serve the cities of Valencia and Maracaibo, and then travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina. "The public in Venezuela is very hot, "said José Manuel, coinciding with his brother David, and both were surprised that his followers in the country were received on arrival at the airport.

Siblings of Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona, northeastern Spain) recalled with gratitude his first visit to Venezuela in November 2010, despite problems with the rains that battered several instruments and was forced to tow to give a concert on acoustic. "There to assess people braved the rain, "said José Manuel, as David described it as a moment" epic "in which he had to overcome several obstacles to finally give an acoustic concert with the instruments that were not damaged.

For this occasion, Estopa returns to the themes of his "X Aniversarivm" which collects the best songs of his ten year career from that in the summer of 1999 triumphed in Spain to "slit your skirt." David explained that, then thought it would be in tow on a summer song, but "thank God or Allah or there," he said, have managed to pursue a music career seeking to continue for many years.

Estopa preparing a new album with twelve songs that, according to the Muñoz brothers, could be ready later this year with very different rates ranging from charleston to its traditional rumba catalana. Although they regretted not having time to visit the country, the brothers said they will return to Venezuela, which, although not "very souvenirs," aim to be "a little bit of rum" and "memory, which is for life and do not forget.

" On the position of Tow to the political situation in the country, David declined to comment on the Government of Hugo Chávez. "It is impolite to mess with the host," said David.

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