Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon Solo) in Santiago de Compostela (Sala Capitol, 26/03/1911) - Play it again, Neil

When the alma mater of a group decides it can only defend his project with only a (majestic) piano and acoustic guitar is truly at a crossroads. The need to maintain a stable band is required only to record disks, or to give concerts in his native country, but realizes that when you have to leave the country, is much more convenient to travel only one, at less cost, problems Typical agenda and friction that can arise with the living.

We do not know the specific reason that has led to focus their concerts, at least in our country, so (if outside circumstances or preferences of their own), but we must be, deeply grateful. The difficulty of trying to transmit as well as songs recorded with other musicians only through an instrument and voice is offset by the opportunity to offer a different show every concert, genuine, and unique experience for the listener.

The added value (if you will, definidlo as goodwill) are not only based on proximity to the artist, but the possibility to improvise, public address, change the code between concerts and make the breaks you deem necessary, without the constraints a concert "traditional." And if the artist in question is a dandy as Neil Hannon, and in addition to charisma, has that fine sense of humor and the "Celtic connection? Irish-Galician work, little more could you want.

If so, we add a full repertoire of pop elegant, sophisticated, exquisitely arranged, the chances of satisfaction were full. Really impossible to find fault with the performance. A room with good input (full, but with enough space for comfort), starting with the appointment on time and with a classic foreshadowing of what would be the hours from evening: "Tonight we fly." And then the magic and mutual admiration which was appreciated in communion with the Irish public did nothing but continue to grow over 20 songs (in the end, you have them in a playlist).

The weight of the concert was mainly led his latest album, Bang goes the knighthood (extolled 'I like' or 'At the indie disco' - with the audience clapping in rhythm he marked us - or with an opportune 'The complete banker ', dedicated to "our neighbors in Portugal" - as if in Spain we were not as bad -) stops at almost all their albums (except his debut Liberation) confirmed, above all, that despite the multiple approaches who has managed his career, moved to the concert format was irrelevant to try to differentiate the stages, and much easier to marvel at the huge amount of songs that he left us and have become part of our memories.

But if the songs and the performances did not make us miss anyone else on stage, the sympathy in the treatment (the right word, Galicia Riquin), the grace to direct the public (like us to clap, or only give the loudest group of fans, or whistling), naturalness to recognize that feels better than the acoustic piano (and that song just from the sound technician to change the capo on the guitar) for stop the song to remember the exact phrase, or to instrumental parts of songs with onomatopoeia or humming are the details that a fan reaffirms his admiration, and those who went to the concert with curiosity has become their religion .

If a concert is to interpret the best songs in your repertoire for your enjoyment of the public, achieved. If is to provide a different approach to recorded music, done. If in addition to this, the artist must entertain, made (is the concert that I laughed more times with a musician?). And if, directly or indirectly, the idea is that listener satisfaction impact on future meetings in other concerts, I do not think I could have done better.


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