Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Delinqüentes: "We are not doing anything wrong or illegal, all just horny"

Are delighted with the AVE. They have come so quickly to Madrid from Jerez de la Frontera to Los Delinqüentes time to have a beer. Acting on Thursday at the Coliseum Theatre artery of the capital. What is going to find someone to attend the concert? We will present our latest album with Tomatito. And sing our own issues.

Tell jokes and improvise a lot. You never know what will happen in a concert of offenders. How is the chemistry with Tomatito on stage? Magnificent. We are compatriots and friends. It is a monster, as a person and musician. It is a real showman. Now you can have a guy burning his hand, you're not going to stop looking at him (laughs).

Acting in a theater, where people will be seated. Is not incompatible with his music? Yes going to be hard for people to remain seated. We tested in a theater in Valencia and the first song everyone stood up and did not back down. Are there cities where people are more soda? Yes, although it is not the case of Madrid.

Along with Barcelona, Madrid is our favorite city to play. You never know how to complete one of our shows have a short film set to music. What would movie soundtrack? A Torrent! Hits ... (Laughs). When was the last time they did honor to the name of the group and committed a crime? The last time? Well, I do not know.

So many that I could not tell! (Laughs). Just kidding. We are not so bad. We do not do anything illegal, just horny all the world constantly (laughs). Speaking of joke, do you go running after the concert? What frequenting bars in the capital? Yes, because we do not play the next day. We usually go to the brewery Santa Barbara, Alonso Martínez.

And then, the New Art Corner or eagle. We always end up playing there until late. The act Delinqüentes this Thursday, March 31 at the Coliseum Theatre artery, Gran Via 78, Madrid. 22 hours. Price: 19 to 22 euros. Entries: Artery.

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