Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cerrone: night "Lost & Beyond" April 9, 2011

The iconic image of Disco, Cerrone, who has sold over 30 million albums during his career posting a new musical performance. On Saturday, April 9, 2011, a great evening at "The Machine From the Moulin Rouge in Paris, from 23 pm the night" Lost & Beyond "offers an exceptional, original and unique, the confluence of the disco and electro-pop.

During the evening event, Cerrone will be accompanied by Elly Jackson, the singer of The Roux. Singer of the group who made the hit "Bulletproof," Elly Jackson is the new sensation and global pop icon. The Roux with the group, she recently won the Grammy for best dance album of the year.

The new duo will offer a musical performance, specially designed for the occasion with an amazing show. A real meeting, which should make an impression and astound many. During the evening "Lost & Beyond," Cerrone and Elly Jackson will also be accompanied by other artists of the electronic scene of the moment.

Will present one of the revelations of dancefloors across the Channel, Horse Meat Disco, which promises to ignite "The Machine From Moulin Rouge" in large voodoo science of nu-disco, which became their trademark. Dax Riders will also be taking part. His record, "dirty house" dilapidated and rejoicing, scored minds with the title "People" or the remix of "I Was Made For Lovin 'You" Kiss of the group.

For the evening, Dax Riders will present their live exclusively on the occasion of the release of their new album "Dax4ever. The organizers also announce the presence, fresh, the two "Lady DJ" EeekEmpire of which are surprising, original musical tastes and selections with a set of both colors house, krautrock and disco.

To do the show, fans of the absurd, zany quest, their ramblings are at the side of Edouard Baer and Robin Hood. "The Club" invests "The Machine From Moulin Rouge" with offset and magical performance. A review burlesque shaped roller coaster! With Cerrone and Elly Jackson headlining for the evening, participants already know the professionalism and quality of organization benefits Cerrone.

Since the beginning of his career, the master of Disco has many concerts that have gathered hundreds of thousands of spectators.

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