Friday, March 25, 2011

American and Chinese together to dance salsa in Beijing

Beijing, March 18 .- The salsa, music and culture gestated in the Caribbean and, particularly, in Cuba, is now, for Latinos, a means of union between their countries and China, China where, as in Japan and Korea, the rhythm of salsa samples, such as Celia Cruz, and are fervent supporters. Following this phenomenon, Faction America, Latin American organization created this year in Beijing to integrate the Latino community, decided at its second meeting, invite the most important salsa promoters of China through their experiences , celebrate the importance and richness of Latin American culture and how this has influenced the Asian giant.

David Huo, the only professional dancer and salsa champion in China, and Jack Dunn, a U.S. promoter of salsa congress in Beijing, shared their knowledge, their stories and those of their students on a night in which Chinese, Latinos, and other Foreign connected their minds to the beat of this musical genre.

The space is ideal to discuss Latin American culture, its characteristics, and values, allowed, above all, understand how the Chinese, through the salsa, latin build their image and that part of the globe. After the talk, attendees enjoyed an evening of Latin music, especially salsa, raffles and salsa.

Both David Huo as Jack Dunn agreed that the sauce is your life and who love the Latin culture. Huo, a Chinese national, told Efe that after she started dancing, his life changed a lot, that dancing is something very natural and the sauce has become more open and has changed his life. "Before I did not like dancing, I thought the dance was only for women, but when I saw the salsa I thought, this is very good and after seeing a Cuban dance told me, he looks very strong, very male, I want to dance like him, "said David.

He added that he thinks Latinos are very friendly, tolerant and "hot" Latina that is very beautiful and believed to Latin. Dunn, meanwhile, told Efe that learn salsa because it seemed really fun and although it was not raised in the Latin American culture, whether it was influenced by it and sees it as "a bond that embraces the world." The salsa last twelve years has given the greatest impact on my life and will impact the rest of my life, "said Dunn.

He added that "dancing is fun, is a way of expressing, a way to let it go and have a good time." One of the organizers, José María Valenzuela, explained that the American faction, to organize such events, is to create a space for Latinos in Beijing can meet, learn from those who already have spent more time in China and create identity to be promoted against the Chinese.

Valenzuela also said that unlike other communities, the Latin is very open to hear the Chinese and when both communities know each other, share the same strange behavior by the other, which surprised and disturbed, but in a comical reason why the relationship between the two, he said, is positive.

The commercial attache at the Embassy of Cuba in Beijing, Andro Vasquez said that relations between Latinos and the Chinese are becoming closer and organized the event is a good example. He also noted that the fact that more and more Chinese are learning salsa or Spanish is a joy, as this note that Latin America becomes, for the Chinese, despite the distance, closer and speaks well of good time currently exists in the relations of both regions.

The event, which brought together about 40 American in Beijing, was organized by the Agency of China Media Center Files, also led by Latin American and Latino Network for Development, the first nongovernmental organization to promote the development and relationships Latin America and China.

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