Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player, your music in the clouds

In an interesting but expected move, the online store Amazon announced today the arrival of their own music service in the cloud. So, with Amazon Cloud Player e-commerce giant is ahead of Google and Apple, companies rumored for some time also prepare the launch of similar services. It is the first player of its kind to reach the Internet, but open season on this branch for large digital music business.

The basic service is free, and offers 5 GB of space to hang our music library online, and then listen to it anywhere. If you fall short, the mere act of buying an MP3 album on Amazon, the space will expand to 20 GB. The disks purchased from the store does not take up space in our account.

All the material we have stored on the Amazon Cloud Player can be played back on any computer through the browser, or Android phones thanks to an application, all other mobile platforms are pending. Unfortunately the service is exclusive to U.S. customers for now, but not lose the hope of seeing him running around here soon.

As I say this music is the tag is not new, but it is very indicative that the heavyweights are already embracing this model. The music finally stops being a product in our power, to become a totally online, with all the comforts that implies. The romance of the physical is for collectors.

This proposal differs significantly reproduction Spotify streaming, as here the material we put ourselves, our library is sound and no access to a catalog already defined. If the rumors are true, this is the way that will also take Apple with iTunes, business reference in the digital environment, and that in the long run could determine a new generation of laptops out of storage capacity, fit only to play from the cloud .

Such a paradigm shift will not occur from one day to another, but the acceptance of such services, which until not long ago shocked us is growing. The comfort and possibilities of musical ubiquity imposed on traditional disk sentimental value, and the market is changing at a pace that makes our mentality.

Some might say that music is dying, but in reality we are witnessing a change that will determine the way we consume in the coming decades.

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