Thursday, February 24, 2011

TV On The Radio and its first preview of Nine Types of Light: unresolved sexual tension

Nine Type Of Lights is the new album by TV On The Radio. Published on 12 April and, although it seems yesterday when we started talking about them (personally, thanks to the version of the Pixies), much has changed for the band's Tunde Adebimpe. Now is a name of which are marked in red on the calendar and the media pay attention.

TV on the Radio - Will Do by 1077 The End My relationship with TV On The Radio has been giving his entire career ups and downs. I am fascinated by some songs, a few of their albums, some flashes of insight and inspiration that put them above many of his contemporaries. But overall, I think their albums are extremely irregular and in most cases are considerably less than what they promise.

Also in them, because it somehow, too TSNR (unresolved sexual tension). A trick this only holds if occasionally allow ease the pain ... Hence his approach to Prince has served to give more warmth to the compositions of TV On The Radio and 'Will Do' want to take this path: see if Nine Types of Light are loosened her hair and hit us a good romp, it's about time.

Ah, remember that in July we will have in Bilbao BBK Live 2011!

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