Friday, February 25, 2011

Toro Y Me: DTEND chillwave you with the "New Beat"

If you are looking for a funky, friendly and fresh hope, please find below the clip from the new title Toro Y Moi called "New Beat". And rhythm, there in the head Chaz Bundick we sincerely music exudes a sweet taste of rare groove. "New Beat" is the second single from the album "Underneath the Pine" Toro Y Moi released by the label Carpark Records.

Toro y Moi fully assumes its musical originality in an era quite heavily drenched dance-pop sounds. With "New Beat" but also the first single, stripper "Still Round" Toro Y Moi takes us on a musical journey "vintage." Also have a certain sense of the image, Me Y Toro presents clips equally nostalgic.

The clip of "Still Round" was shot with a Super 8 camera by Steven Daniels giving a grain of nostalgia music groovy and ethereal. With the video for the song "New Beat" is a spirit just as crazy and light found to illustrate the new single from the album "Underneath the Pine." Successors of "Speaking Of This", "Underneath the Pine" is a new album Toro Y Moi labeled Chillwave.

A musical style that could be so akin to a new wave inspired chill-out. Nevertheless, the "chillwave" is not entirely new but rather a trend that was confirmed with a return to sound more worked with artists like Stee Dawes gramatika, or Bonobo. With 11 tracks including his "intro / Chi Chi" you will undoubtedly charmed by the second album I Y Toro "Underneath the Pine" here is the tracklisting: 01 - "Intro / Chi Chi" 02 - "New Beat" 03 - "Go With You" 04 - "Divine" 05 - "Before I'm Done" 06 - "Got Blinded" 07 - "How I Know" 08 - "Black Light" 09 - "Still Sound" 10 - "Good Hold "11 -" Elise "

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