Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thom Yorke dancing which will throw

Radiohead caught us all by surprise by announcing almost overnight the release of their new album. Gallego has been unraveling one by one the songs of The King Of Limbs, the eighth studio album by the band, and the result has been more than favorable. But a funny thing has happened with one of the issues forward in extremis for people you started out.

'Lotus Flower' was accompanied by a video where we could see Thom Yorke set some spastic dance moves, but something really great, especially if you see them without the music. And how could it be otherwise, exotic dance that has delighted us Radiohead singer has called the attention of several YouTube users with too much time has been dedicated to doing a meme with a few cross-overs.

The invited artists have been Ginuwine, Lady Gaga, Guns N 'Roses and even Beyonce with the song ye probably already thinking. He even put in some steps to try to be starring in Black Swan ... Video | Thom Yorke - Black Swan (Youtube) Video | Thom Yorke - Pony (Youtube) Video | Thom Yorke - Bad Romance (Youtube) Video | Thom Yorke - Maniac On The Floor (Youtube) Video | Thom Yorke - Touch This (YouTube) Video | Thom Yorke - Welcome To The Jungle (Youtube) Video | Youtube The phenomenon is widespread and just search a bit to find real gems.

You put what you get, the friend is marked Yorke dance steps without breaking a sweat. Is aware of the furor that has unleashed his performance?

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