Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Swing Murderer, video for 'Toro': from black to a lot of colors

I acknowledge that I first heard 'Toro', the first single from the new Swing Murderer, my head right off completely. The song is a little chaos, a noisy party with the phrasing typical of the band Navarre sequence mark the house screaming and amid a chorus of pop as I do not hit at all and I even squeaked.

However, after a lot of listeners, at this point I think is the biggest of his career hitazo not surprise me that with its passage Mushroom Pillow will take a major leap. In its previous three albums had the feeling that you were half, and had the strength of Bizarre Love Triangle, and were as modern as The Punsetes.

Watch where his place would be on the dance floor. I hope the rest of Diamonds, I have not yet heard, continue along this same line, in addition to black including a rainbow of colors. The video was directed Jubero Virgili, was recorded in Paris and Normandy and as the press release alludes to the films The Hunger and Romancing the Stone ("this is not Romancing the Stone?).

Here if I could have given more of himself, what of that couple walking through different scenarios Gothic I is very poor, but what is unforgivable is that he has used the same version, much more intense, this song appears on the album.

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