Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sting: "Without music countries become more paranoid and repressive '(+ photos)

.- The British musician Sting said today, in relation to the concerts he has done in countries with dubious human rights respect, he does not believe in "cultural boycott" because without the trade in ideas and music "countries become more paranoid and repressive. " "When I came to Chile (in 1982) many people told me I should not, however, thanks to this I made friends with people very important, and I could tell what was going on here through my songs," said the musician British press conference prior to their participation today in 52 Festival de Viña del Mar.

Sting, who first participated in the Festival of Vina in 1982 during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990), it replied shape to a question about a concert he gave last year in Uzbekistan. "Do not believe the cultural boycott," said the British artist, whose real name is Gordon Matthew Sumner.

He added: "I believe in the power of music." For the British the only time the cultural embargo was successful in a historical situation "very specific", the "apartheid" South Africa. On his performance in Chile in the eighties under the dictatorship of Pinochet, Sting recalled that the atmosphere of those years was thin and did not like her concert "no" because he was too "aggressive" and "noisy." "The faces of the people were different (to now), there were no smiles, the atmosphere was strange, the tanks in the streets, the military ...

everything was contained," he described. A totally different situation to that observed yesterday when he landed in the southern country. "Yesterday at the airport were all smiling and happy. That's good, "said the musician. As for his performance today in the Quinta Vergara, which will offer a concert as part of his tour "Symphonicities" with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Chile, the artist noted that listen to your songs forever, but interpreted through an orchestral polish.

"I'm not interested in a kind of pure music, I'm interested in creating hybrids to take influences from everything you hear, classical, ethnic, pop ... and make it something new, something that has meaning for the rest of the world. The purity of the music is not interesting, "he said. In addition, Sir Gordon Sumner found that will meet the 40 musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of Chile today, and that only tested with them "once" before the show.

"I have confidence in them because I know the reputation of the orchestra, I know I have the ability to play the music instantly. While that is no less a miracle, "confessed the singer. Upon returning to join the band Police, with whom he was reunited in 2007 and toured the world, British artist said he can not see another reunion like that.

"We spent two years together and I do not do this again, because we need it. It was a nice experiment for nostalgia in which we try to recreate something we did 30 years ago, "he said.

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