Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Russian Red teams up with musicians from Belle & Sebastian to their second

Yet untitled, but Russian Red, or what is, Lourdes Hernandez, has announced it is finishing the recording of their second album in Glasgow (Scotland) in collaboration with producer Tony Doogan, who has been part of the most outstanding works of bands like Belle & Sebastian, Super Furry Animals and The Delgados.

Thus, Russian Red intends to emulate the success of I love your glasses, the debut album by the artist from Madrid who shot to fame thanks to the MySpace website. On the recording, Lourdes has highlighted, through a statement, Doogan ability to "combine very transgressive ideas with more traditional sounds.

He does great." "The beauty of this production is that all bring ideas from the musicians Charlie Bautista to Belle & Sebastian, who are led by their feelings and make some beautiful arrangements and surprisingly very much in line with how I imagined it when it was single songs and sounded in my head with all sorts of arrangements, I was unable to play, "said Lourdes.

Although Russian Red was not in the recording studios since 2008, has continued its work on stage and in the coming days, they may see action in several U.S. cities such as Austin or Washington to return to Spain from April to dating Mallorca, Barcelona, Vitoria, Bilbao and Santiago.

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