Monday, February 28, 2011

Rosario Flores declares true to herself with her new album, "Raskatriski"

.- "Raska Raska, raskatriski, Cusi, CUSA, Cusi, Cusi, Cusa," he sings today Rosario, who almost twenty years after the cat was "uy, uy, uy" states "faithful to the sound Rosario" and releases new album, "Raskatriski" built on the basis of their childhood memories and with his unmistakable stamp. "I'm a gypsy black from toe to head," the singer said in an interview with Efe, in which he talked of his new songs, including "Gypsy funky" or "How he spends his life" .

'Life is very short. Where are those 20 years?. I do not I have not in my mind or my skin or my heart. When you feel good and you are happy, the years go quickie "he warns. Looking back since the publication of her first album, "De Law" (1992), the singer believes that it has established a unique style, "which is the most difficult and the most beautiful gift: that people know nothing else to hear it's you .

And I want to be faithful to him. I remain faithful to the Rosary, "he says. Since that successful first album composed by his brother Antonio, has also been an evolution in which Rosario has established itself as an author. In any case, the length of time elapsed since their last album of unreleased songs, "Contigo me voy" (2006), marked by a greatest hits releases another album and a duet with celebrated Estopa ("Run Run") has allowed it to "Raskatriski" loaded with new songs, which presents in the hand of his usual producer, Fernando Illán.

"I'm changing is your cover letter, in which some form asks public to continue to accompany and in recent years. Another important issue is the album's title track and that comes from a verse that was sung at home. "I think the" Raskatriski "is the first musical idea I have. My parents were dying of laughter from me so girl dancing.

Just remember one hand and a gathering of friends one day I began to sing and encouraged me to invent everything else, "he explains. Other songs are "How I Love You" (inspired by his daughter) or "one heart", which says he would sing French President Nicolas Sarkozy (who announced a plan of expulsion of Romanian Roma in your country) "and the whole world." We are creating a world without pity, false and lies, and if we continue like that, we will be extinguished.

I am deeply concerned that the world I will leave my children. We are blinded by power and not look at the good things of life, "he reflects. Rosario said a visibly moved collaboration that could see the light soon and that directly connects to the black spirit of boasting. The U.S. producer Narada Michael Walker, Head of themes emblematic of Whitney Houston ("I want to dance with somebody") or Starship ("Nothing's gonna stop us now"), called her and Antonio Carmona for them to see the project that worked here in Spain.

"We recorded a wonderful song in the studio, which I can not say anything yet if you leave", reveals a cautious.

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