Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pau Gasol gives the athlete the singing ... whenever you leave

Despite his apparent shyness, Pau Gasol did not hesitate to get on stage if it is to sing a song. I love singing, studied music as a child Her last surprise was a few days ago at the All Stars Cocktail Party, a private party which was attended by members of the NBA and they were invited friends and celebrities.

There, before an audience of the athlete's girlfriend, Silvia López, Paz Vega, among others, Gasol grabbed the microphone and accompanied the duet Estopa one of the most famous of Barcelona: As Camarón. This is not the first time a player publicly sang with Cornell. Last September, at an event organized by the crossbar in Alicante, Catalan took a stool next to the famous brothers for help with the chorus, though his voice was barely audible to the power of the music group.

The basketball fans for singing ("I like, I studied music as a child five years," he confessed on occasion) has left some Internet videos noteworthy. For example, the one engraved on the Cadena SER in a careful and very focused Gasol played the hitMoriría for you with their authors, Amaral Zaragoza.

Or his appearance in an ad that advertised a karaoke video game, in which the soloist emulated Mecano, including hip wiggles. The athlete has also put his vocal chords in the service of charitable causes, as a campaign that raised money for Unicef. In this singing the theme Get it together helped by a chorus of children.

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