Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pau Dones, much criticized for his comments on Twitter piracy

Less than a week after the premiere of his new album, Pau Dones has again become a center of controversy also standing, and not for the first time, among the most talked-about Twitter. The origin of this sudden prominence is linked to comments the singer made on piracy in an interview with 20 minutes to mark the launch, on 1 March, her work now what do we do? Before starting this interview, Pau Dones and predicted what would happen.

"I'm a big mouth," he said. Among the answers given by the singer, there were several related to the topic of piracy. "I have spent 120,000 euros in making this record. Pay 11.95 euros for him is not expensive. So, please, skuas," he claimed. More controversial was his next statement: "I have my right to give my opinion, to complain when someone steals.

At best, the guy who uses P2P to download music has a daughter, one day, makes you an asshole a picture when in the beach and then hangs it on a web of contacts. And then he shits on the P2P ...". These statements have been made in White Pau Dones the wrath of hundreds of twitterers who criticize his music, compared with Alejandro Sanz or Ramoncín and accuse him of following the game to the Minister of Culture.

Just a week before, the singer had become the focus of criticism on the internet due to an interview in which XLSemanal supplement attacked users of the Web "surfers" But what? Is that this is fucking great! "For four freaks that are distorting the views of the people?" he replied when asked by Alejandro Sanz and his defense of piracy.

"Alexander is a brave guy. Moreover, I am me and no one internet user is also asked me what I thought," he added.

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