Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pau Dones "I have spent 120,000 euros on this album, so please pay it"

Scruffy, smiling and talkative. A Pau Dones, who has just published with Jarabe de Palo album now what we do, likes to talk. Therefore, before starting warns: "I'm a loudmouth." The question seems forced taking the name of the album: Now what do we do? The title refers to the times that one gets that question throughout the day.

Are many. Until Zapatero asks what should we do? The human being is the animal of the doubt. And at a time like we are going through, it seemed perfect. So something has to do with the crisis ... Yes, although I think this crisis is above all a crisis of values. I do not mean in a religious sense, because I am an atheist.

But I am convinced that we have lost the north. We do not know what makes us happy. This album is more rock ... Yes, when we emerged with the skinny told us we were the Latin rock, which was quite successful. Then we moved to the mixture. And now we beat to a rock album. Again choose your own label, Trunk Records.

"The self is the way? Absolutely. It's hard work, but highly recommended. At first we were told that it would not work, but it has gone well and allows us to do things in a multinational are much more difficult, as a 48-page booklet. "Offering a more complete product is another way of trying to fight the downloads? I've been working three years on this album, and I want it to be something fucking great in all aspects, including in the format.

When in 70 years, will open the drawer of the things I've done and I feel proud of how nice it was. Do you think the potential buyer also see it that way? I think people has a point when he complains that the discs are expensive. Often they are not careful edits. We must make the case for people to spend the money: in addition to songs, this album includes a book that explains the songs, has pictures ...

I have spent 120,000 euros in making this record. Pay 11.95 euros for him is not expensive. So, please, skuas. Has never bitten his tongue to stand against the shock ... No. I have my right to give my opinion, to complain when someone steals. At best, the guy who uses P2P to download music has a daughter, one day, a bastard you a picture when in the beach and then hangs it on a web of contacts.

And then he shits on the P2P ... Perhaps this comparison is a bit caught by the hair ... No, no. We're talking about pages where you share files, either songs or pictures. Do not be cynical: this is not legal. We must protect intellectual property.

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