Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ornament and Crime and the 'Song of Death': zombies Nacho Vegas

Ornament and Crime Hypersonic like much, but not always. His first album, Reliquary, entered our national list of best debuts of the century (ea!), Its direct and Puzzles Victor scared fashion and moral perfection, for example, was well received by Natxo, who put eight , but warned of a rarity. And now, with the video for 'Song of Death' in which Nacho Vegas himself appears, is even more evident that in this field, Ornament and Crime falls far short of their best moments.

Be zombies in Vegas does not sit well with almost anyone (even himself Vegas, as seen in their worst songs). So, despite the homage-looting 'The Seventh Seal', there will be better songs to convince. If you stay with it, you conform to some, because Ornament and Crime can be more than just look-alike of the aesthetic Corcobado or Nick Cave that only looks good Nick himself (not always).

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