Friday, February 25, 2011

Oral & Tunerz Whigfield: "To Feel Alive" in novelty dance

The dance music from Italy continues to thrill our ears. As proof, the novelty that we present the Radio shows us a sparkling new production of the duo with Whigfield Oral Tunerz, entitled "To Feel Alive". This new hit which is a huge success on the other side of the Alps will happen very soon in our country.

The song "To Feel Alive" Oral Tunerz an opportunity to Whigfield, singer of the 90s making a comeback on the dance floor. Signed on the famous Italian label, Off Limits, Group Oral Tunerz proposes a new dance anthem, entitled "To Feel Alive". Oral Tunerz is a collaboration between two famous DJs in Italy.

DJ Alex TC and DJ E-Phone. Oral Tunerz is a musical project which aims to develop new sounds to make dance clubbers. Now a decade that the duo are scouring the clubs in Europe. They signed several collaborations and published "Till You Drop" in 2009. For this new single, "To Feel Alive", the duo Oral Tunerz, asked the singer Whigfield join them.

Whigfield is one of the stars of the dance music of the 90s. With titles like "Think Of You" or "Saturday Night" in 1994, Whig Field has danced throughout Europe. With "Saturday Night", the singer has entered the record books. Whigfield discography is impressive, the singer has given us numerous hit singles worldwide and four albums.

His career spanning more than a decade, which for an artist of dance music is extremely rare. After many years on the front of the stage, Whigfield also focuses on the other side of the music industry, writing and composing for other artists. The singer has written hits for Ann Lee, In-Grid, or has offered several tubes as Benny Benassi Feel Alive "in 2005.

In 2011, Whigfield decides to come back and enjoying his involvement with Oral Tunerz on the song "To Feel Alive" to "boost" the end of this winter and get ready to warm sounds of summer.

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