Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Ghost of Karelia ", video in advance of Live At The Aragon, the upcoming DVD of Mastodon

There are many eager to enjoy the full Live At The Aragon, the first live DVD of Mastodon, recorded during the tour to Crack The Skye in Aragaon Ballroom in Chicago on November 19, 2009. And to make the wait shorter, its launch is scheduled for March 15, we can see a preview, the video for "Ghost of Karelia", but a few days ago we saw the video of 'Oblivion'.

The truth is that to see Mastodon on that tour, and do not talk about festivals, had been a puntazo, because the band is overwhelming and these projections, visual experts call, totally psychedelic and enclosures, made expressly for the mood setting background are a blast to use. And these guys in Atlanta are fucking good.

It hits that happen, neither 'Blood And Thunder', 'March Of The Fire Ants ", or" Colony Of Birtchmen' and less than an hour and a half concert, in particular 78 minutes is very short, but even that will forgive Mastodon. I already count the days to get my hands on this DVD + CD.

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