Friday, February 25, 2011

Oceansize announce their separation

Thus, the overnight and no one saw it coming, Oceansize have announced via their website that they separate. The brief statement does not elaborate on the reasons that led to this decision to those of Manchester, who merely appreciate all the support they have received over the years and promise to its individual members will continue to offer music as soon as possible .

The British put an end to twelve years of music for those who have delivered four albums very interesting. Without a doubt, one of the leaders among the latest batch of progressive rock that will leave a void difficult to fill with his departure. It is always a pity to give news like this, but if they have seen that the group was not more than yes, I prefer this honest decision of not wanting to continue pitching records for the deed.

The comfort is not because they want. Recall that Oceansize are releasing an album last September as cool as Preserved Self While the Bodies Float Up, who was second on our list of the best of 2010. Titus Andronicus, who took the first place, and lost a few members shortly publish our list, which certainly points to some kind of curse hypersonic.

Kanye West to tremble. Thanks to Cronopio for the warning.

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