Saturday, February 26, 2011

The New Raemon - Free Association: intentional aMadeezación

Possibly one of the national projects that I like is this one for Ramon Rodriguez, who in addition to maintaining a prolific rate of publication, shows clear thinking about your career. And now considers that, after two albums and two EPs primarily acoustic, it's time to recover and to prioritize and put electric guitars in the foreground.

Could already sense a change of direction with tracks converging lines corresponding to the additional EP we could find in Epes meeting, with all that we appreciated, more forceful sound, but also more predictable and flat, as in 'Withdrawal ! ' (The rest were covers). And that feeling with which it deals with this Free Association, the new album by The New Raemon.

Anyway, not so much the feeling that one has trouble getting used to turning, but there are some songs that have no addictive varnish had almost everything he had published. In my case, the aforementioned 'hyperconscious Aware', or the expressive and liberating, but more simple 'Challengers', which pass the cut with dignity, but they represent a drop compared to the rest of the album and, of course, from his previous discography.

In contrast, the change is very advantageous in some songs that release energy, security and power, as the tremendous 'Executioner' and 'Dream of death', two song Potosi offset and justified given the stylistic twist with this new album. The New Raemon - Verdugo (Youtube) The sinuosity of 'easy life', the feast of 'Full of grace' or the purpose of amendment 'Some people in the valley' enrich the perspective of an album that has a lot of exorcism itself, prospective claim the rest of the previous trajectory (Madee especially Ghouls'n'Ghosts) the group has given more successful.

However, I think the most important themes of the disc is in which combines both, those where the transition is more balanced, and serve as meeting point for those fans who prefer their first two albums, and those who appreciate the electrical varnish in its usual half-times: 'Kill Raemon' and, above all, my favorite, "The refuge of Superman." I think Ramon has initiated a change necessary, both to avoid stagnation or a feeling of repetition of his music, like, I imagine, to avoid boredom as a session musician, which maybe missed tackle the issues in more electricity and mime less noise.

However, what most miss is his usual sense of humor and lucidity with which analyzed the most everyday situations, that this time they leave their role to expressions of anger, pessimism and frustration. I imagine that in the disk along with Nixon and Richi Fran Vincent itself to exploit this niche, but this will have to wait until September.

For now, enjoy a remarkable record, although possibly the least round of this adventure, it shows the personality of a restless author central to the national scene today.

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