Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Crazy group again

The original members of Loco Mia, Manuel Arjona and Luis Font, return to the stage on Saturday, recalling his golden years with a concert hall in Madrid Joy Eslava, the first stop of his tour of Spain, Latin America and the United States. After accumulating several gold and platinum albums during the nineties, the Spanish group presented this Saturday at midnight, the show Back to the Glam, to delight nostalgic with its major successes and between large fans.

The group's origins date back to the eighties of the hand of their creator, Xavier Font, Loco My aim greening laurels recalling its big 'hits', among which Loco Mía, Samba Mambo, Loco Vox, Black Magic, Fiesta Latina , Taiyo Niña, Rumba and Africa. The original members and Luis Manuel Arjona Font, along with new talents and Ricky Arenas Ferry Frias, imminent start of a tour that will take them to other cities in Spain and Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela.

The group's origins date back to the eighties, when the musician Xavier Font decides to leave the battery to move to the island of Ibiza and devote himself to the world of fashion. By the way, unexpectedly, his life changed forever. After meeting with Manolo Arjona (dancer and fashion designer), Gard Passchier and Luis Font, with whom he shared the same fantasies, attempts to develop some innovative designs of jewelry and shoemaking and takes charge of various clothing stores and hairdressers of Ibiza.

In 1989, a producer suggested I become a disco band The most important of the island, KU, are recruited to heat the Ibiza night and, in principle a proposal would be animated, little by little is becoming an aesthetic concept which ended by winning the nightlife of the island. The movement grew and extravagant designs and company looked Xavier Font and among fans that spun like windmills.

The proposal, called Our Madness, also included Fifteen young women dressed in garish costumes Baroque and Renaissance. In 1989, a producer suggested I become a band and Loco Mía landed in Madrid to record their first album, entitled Taiyo ('sun' in Japanese). From the album drew their first single, which sold in a few weeks around 60,000 copies.

Thus began the journey triumphant Loco Mia, whose bizarre image became part of a decade, the nineties, in which the artists made their way on the back of the spirit of the eighties, the years of Indiana Jones, ET the Extra-Terrestrial and Ronald Reagan. Many viewers still remember the legendary comedy duo parody of Tuesday and 13 on one of their programs.

In it, Yuste Josema imitated one of the members of the group and the presenter Millán Salcedo Eva Nasarre the rhythm of "not eating beans with sausage."

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