Monday, February 28, 2011

Muse's new album will be released in 2013

Muse divided much of its population of followers of the Red Sea as if it were following the launch of The Resistance, his latest album to date. For me it stopped being another example of the genius of Bellamy and company, while my companion for Gallego, the result was far less remarkable. Still, the band seems to be no hurry when taking a new job, because in recent statements by Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme announced that 2013 will be the year that launched what will be his sixth album study.

In addition, its plans include the move to London, where they plan to record in its entirety, unlike other occasions, which came in a timely manner to the capital. This also implies a greater dedication and care of the recording process, something that has never been a problem for Muse - is undeniable that care for the vast majority of your discs with care - but that will be greatly appreciated if it involves an analysis of the situation The Resistance has scored more enlightened and evolved from that stipulated in this latest album.

Matt Bellamy has said that he already had some songs written, but also said - hopefully that joke - he hopes to guide the drive towards a more mainstream audience in age is concerned, that is, to the infant industry. The extravagance of this man is something you always have to tell, so who knows if in the end it will be most holy to sneak something like this, in a timely manner, on his new album.

While I believe that by 2013, we will have been forgotten in this type of comment. I hope.

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